Why I’m “Here.”

Welcome To The Shit Show

Dante the Panda (who is supposed to be writing on this blog and hasn’t done so yet, so I’m giving him shit for that fact) wrote a really good piece the other day. Why they’re here (If they are so awesome, why’d they stick around?)

In his article he asks some really great questions:

Why are you (Rob) here (this space, the manosphere, the Gay Monastery?)

Because he’s right, I could be doing a whole bunch of other things. I could be dating more women, spending more time riding my motorcycle, making different videos that have nothing to do with sex and women and relationship advice. I could be putting in more hours at work (kill me now), I could be practicing and playing my guitar more. Hell, at this point I could probably have put a band together, made an album, gone on some type of tour, and probably have gotten more pussy to boot from it. You guys that have women that like going to rock concerts can thank me that I haven’t done that. Yet. As I have gotten older, I’m hearing and seeing it more and more often: the “Silver Fox” is definitely a “thing,” and yes, I’m talking about the twenty-something women that you are stepping on your dicks to get to.

Part of why I’m “here” is because I do it for the memories. I just got back from a meetup with my young scrub of a brother, Jack Napier, and with Vincent from Masculine Geek. We spent almost a week in Philly, drinking, shit-talking, and even doing a little skirt chasing.

I’m “here” because this is where I have met the great majority of people that I like to call my friends. I’m “here” to make that contact and make memories with those that pass the test and are allowed into my inner circle. Those guys that pass that test? Those are the best guys.

I’m also “here” because I like women. I like talking about them. I especially like fucking them and being around them. They are my favorite subject of all. Where else can I go and “get my fill” of my favorite subject other than when I’m dealing with women personally? Yes, I get irritated and groan and do a facepalm when I see a less experienced guy fucking it up, but at least he’s trying, and for that, I give him credit and I want him to succeed. The guys that want to piss and moan and cry about it and not do shit about it can go fuck themselves, plain and simple.

Dante was right and wrong at the same time in his article with his next point:

He was right when he said:

Well maybe they just want to help you.” And then he went on to say, “But I don’t think so.” Here’s where he’s both right and wrong:

I actually am here to help. Dante is “wrong” if he doesn’t “believe” that. I know Dante a bit more personally, so I know where he is/was going with this, and that’s why I say he’s both right and wrong. He’s wrong if he stops himself at, “but I don’t think so.” It’s good and even healthy to be sceptical, which is where he was at in this part of his article, and for good reason. I could be selling you guys a bullshit fantasy via a “war room,” or some gumroad course if I wanted to. I choose not to. I’m hoping to “be the lesson,” so that you guys reading this don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I’m hoping you won’t waste your time and spend money you don’t need to spend, like I did. But you’re still going to have to do the work. You’re going to have to go out and talk to women and get rejected. Sorry/not sorry, there’s no escaping it.

Dante was also “right” when he said that I do it for nostalgia. I’m here for that too. I like reading the field reports of other guys and seeing that they are making the same mistakes that I made, and sometimes still make. I still remember those “rushes” that Dante touched on, so yeah I’m “here” for those reasons too.

Chest Rockwell summed it up great in my opinion:

The young ankle biters that want to piss in the tall grass someday are why I stay. People who want it bad enough will seek it out.”

So to recap or TL;DR it for you:

So I do it for the friendships that I have forged. While there are plenty of worthless dipshits that will try and waste my time if I let them, there are a few really great guys that I have met that I’m honored to call my friends. I do it for those connections and those memories.

I do it because I remember what I was like when I didn’t have any clue whatsoever and wasted years and countless dollars going down rabbit holes that were all dead ends. I liken myself to a warning sign for those that truly want to do it the “hard way.” You really want to fuck around and not do the work? You’ll wake up in your 40’s, married, miserable, and probably considering suicide as a viable option. Do you really want to go there? But then again, maybe that’s exactly what you need to do for yourself. It’s what I had to do apparently.

I do it for the “thrill.” The nostalgia. It’s a rush for me when I see a less experienced man “nut up” and do it. I feel his “win.” So yeah, Dante was “right” when he said that you guys doing the work and giving the field reports are bringing me value. Because it is a form of value to me. It is a form of vicarious living for me, I’m not going to lie. The difference is, I’m reliving stuff through you. If you haven’t gone out and had the experience, I’ll either know you’re lying, or something that in my opinion is even worse, you are vicariously living through me. You’re either too scared or too lazy to live your life, so why not live it through Rob’s life? I mean, hey, I’m flattered if you think that highly of me that you would want my life, but wouldn’t you rather have your own instead? You want my life, the life that I created for myself? You have to do the work. No getting around it, buddy.

And the final piece, I’m “here” because where else am I going to find the guys and the stories and the experiences that revolve around my favorite subject, women?

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