This post has been sitting here for 2 months and during my trip in Philly Rob told me to post it because he liked it and convinced me it needed to be shared. So here it is.

Before I start I want to adress that I know about guys who haven’t had sex, let alone a date in years, but there is another form of loneliness and that’s the one where you’re surrounded by people.

This doesn’t get discussed as much at all in the sphere.

I have troubles getting “dates”, of course, as any man in the 22’s might encounter because of the over inflated ego’s of women in their 20’s, but I DO get dates and even “better” I DO get laid.

Which is where to trouble begins.

That’s all I get.

Mind you I don’t want a “committed” relationship.

My perfect relationship would be exclusive friends with benefits where I do my thing, she does hers and we come together to share what happened that day/week, of course have sex and maybe go out or stay in together.

But it does come down to something that continues.

Which for a while now I can’t seem to get.

Most girls I date want to have sex with me, want to get chocked, spanked, talked down to, called a slut and/or whore, tied up, beaten with a belt, anally fingered while being fucked from behind, spat on and or in the mouth by me.

But not a second date.

After a while I just stopped texting after the first date to see what happens, but not much came out of it.

Then I did start texting again to see if maybe it WOULD help to get a second date again, but to no avail.

The worst text I ever got from a girl who I shagged with for an entire afternoon leading to blood on my back read: “I don’t do second dates”.

Which to me just read as: “I am a loose slut and don’t care anymore admitting I wanted a dicking by you, but don’t you think I want anything else to do with you.”

Which to some might be a complete mindfuck.

“Why are you complaining about that! Why are you worried about only getting sex and not needing to worry about anything else!?”

Because my friend, there is no solace in numbers.

Which you will know once you get the numbers.

It’s kind of a paradox, but if you know you know.

Humans are social creatures and for all the ALPHA™ talk I’ve seen it doesn’t address the emptiness you start feeling after a while when no woman want to actually spend time with you after just a couple of hours fucking.

Is it me?

Am I not fucking well enough? (which should be clear after round 1, so if this were the case there’d be not other rounds)

Am I not interesting enough?

This girl just spend an entire afternoon/evening with me exchanging bodily fluids without even really knowing me, letting me do kinky shit to her while degrading her without me needing to pay for it other than time.

I just show up, spit a little “game” at her and we’re naked.

But that’s all I get.

I don’t get the

“Hey I had fun, wanna hang out again?”

“Hey I had fun, how’s your day going?”

“Hey I’ve been thinking of you. What are you up to?”

I get the mouth, pussy and occasional ass and that’s it.

Upside down world right here I know. 

Now I might be bad at sex, I am very well aware of that might being the case.

But I have been thanked after sex and begged for more rounds, so I really doubt that’s it….

“Then why do you sleep with them right away! You have a choice too you know!”

And to that, my dear reader, I say: You are right BUT after having many same night lays I know that if a woman WANTS to fuck you, she will find a way TO fuck you. *Rollo Tomassi Did It Trademark*. She doesn’t let the guy she wants wait. And if I don’t take her up on that offer someone else will.

This is why I rarely do dates with a girl who sys “Oh I don’t hang out right away”

She doesn’t hang out right away with me.

Girls who aren’t as into you as the girl who will sleep with you on a first date are a time waster to me, because there is some guy out there who they WOULD do it for.

And that’s oke. 

So now what?

Well I think there is a grey area somewhere in here I haven’t fully explored yet.

With some girls it was very openly and clearly about fucking, but with some it was about the date, it ended it the bedroom and we did end up spending more time together.

So maybe that’s where the answer lies.

To some this might read like “woe is me”, but to me it’s sharing an experience I hope will strike a chord with some other guys who are experiencing the same hollow premise “dating” has become.

Update: Rob told me “sprinkle a little beta on it” and I now have 2 girls in the rotation. More on that LATER.

5 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Good post, youngblood. Seems like you’re transitioning to a better mindset for yourself regarding relationships with girls.


  2. Awesome post Jack. I have had the same feeling. I believe its caused by a bunch of factors. One of which is the fact that I tend to attract the same kind of girls. Another is the fact that red pilled knowledge has its own roadblocks it adds like “if she wants to fuck me she will find a way, and if I don’t some other guy will”

    I’m sure there is more to it, but I have dealt with it for the past couple of years by keeping a main girl that I invest a little more into which gives me more than just a “sexual” relationship. So far those only last 6 months at most for me.

    I’m Tyler33903 in Dantes discord. Would be cool to chat more about it, and hear your take on my take.


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