Which Wolf Will You Feed?

I made a reference to my upper middle class upbringing in my last post and how I had every toy I ever wanted.

This however has lead to a couple of blessings and curses.

One of the blessings being is that I know material goods will never bring me happiness and attachment to stuff will hold me down.

A curse is that I can’t really look back without hanging my head in disgust.

However I do face a duality in my daily life when it comes to minimalism and consumerism.

I do have an urge to get a penthouse apartment, fill it with modern furniture and carry myself as a “successful” and “wealthy” H!gh vAlU3 mAn!

But the real motivation for that is poon.

I’m not kidding, the real and the end of the line motivation for that is P00n.

To get sex.

Not that I’m having sex now, but not on the regularity I want it.

I have a side that wants to live like that mister Grey stereo type with a fancy apartment and luxury objects to look attractive to the opposite sex.

The opposite sex who in my HUMBLE experience is in thousands of euro’s in debt, double or triple digits in dick, dozens in the substances and not in reality of self image. 

I’ve always been transparent about my house hacking situation with a family member.

I just never told you which family member.

And for the poon I did get it was NEVER a problem.

“Jack, low quality women!”

Lol, tell that to the college educated doctor, interior designer, dentist assistant, art historian etc. etc. you get the goddamn point.

They were also in the age range of 18 to 25, so age desperation wasn’t the issue either.

What I’m getting at here is that what’s being presented is not in line with what I’m hoping to get.

Would I REALLY, and I mean REALLY want a penthouse with a €1000 a month rent, a car a barely drive in and €100 button up shirt every day while €400 a month house hacking, no car and €5 t-shirts + sweatpants get me the overall same results, but maybe 7/8’s instead of NINZ AND THENZ BRA!

If she’s thin and enthusiastic she’s my 10 to be honest

Credit to Bullrush who inspired that quote.

Do I really want to live the extravagant lifestyle just to impress ladies who I know fuck for less?

Because I’ve been less.

Yes I’m semi-tall (short for a Dutch guy but you yanks seem to worship guys who are 6, ft SO BOW YOU SHITS! BOW TO YOUR EURO OVERLORD!), jacked and not bad looking in the face.

Do I really need the material possessions?

Or do I think life will be better than it is now?

The average woman won’t change, I can tell you that and Clarey’s brilliant calculation of what the average woman can offer only confirms my, Watson’s and other guys in the trenches their experience. 

I get guff from guys for my lego ships sometimes. Wether it’s meant or not they do love bringing those up as a “bad” thing every now and then.

But I have enjoyed building those way more than lying through my teeth about how “interesting” some 3rd rank bimbo is about her vision of the world which was clearly imprinted on her by her college good for nothing professors.

And the women who I did meet who were blessed with intelligence actually built 2 of the ships with me. But of course like D&D you can’t get the perfect character. These girls had issues of their own.

Even though not ideologically they were either financially or familial.

Or lacking in the chest area, but this can be fixed.

We have the technology.

Could have been on Mars you know, but fake tits had to be perfected first.

It is here where I personally face uncle Iroh while he sternly asks me:

“Is it your own destiny or a destiny someone else forced upon you?”

And as I’m finishing this post and realizing what feeds this urge a new far away friend comes to mind.

“Don’t watch red meat.” -Dante The Panda.

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