Red Flags Are A Green Light

This quote has been misattributed a couple of times to my great annoyance, cause I was actually pretty proud of how screwed up the quote is when I thought of it.

Why I said it is because so many spearheads in this space focus on the “Signs to look out for” or “Signs she is a low quality woman” and I was sitting there thinking:

These are all signs she’s down to fuck. (Which from now will be DTF)

Did I want to be in a relationship?


Did I want to have kids?


Did I want to save the West?

Well, when was the last time the West saved me?

I just wanted casual hook ups.

And those red flag lists gave me a perfect perspective of what to look out for.





Multiple ear piercings?



She pokes

That disgusting septum piercing that everyone is grossed out by?


Single mom?

Eh… Baby sitter, kids are a priority… Best to just avoid and go for someone who’s into it as much as you.

A majority of my notch count has some form of Communist parade because of how red it is.

Sure there are plenty of girls who were of the higher education institutions, but let me tell you something.

She lives in dorms?


Trust me, if she’s going to college and lives in a dorm unsupervised chances are she’s pretty much DTF.

Exception to the norm, I know a tall Chinese guy who’s bad at math too, don’t worry.

The PROBLEM here is not the red flags.

It’s you.

Because you, dear reader, probably want wove and mawwiage and kiwds and a dowg all together in your white picked fence.

Or are scared and startled when a wittwe giwly wiwly is throwing a hissy fit and don’t dare to walk away.


The reason I say they are “green lights” is because for MY specific points and purposes they are.

I like fast and loose women and I don’t like committing.

Sure, I’d like a main plate, but I know damn well for myself that I should just enjoy it while it lasts cause I’ll want to move on within 6 months or a year anyway.

That’s just me.

I also just walk out when something occurs that isn’t to my liking.

Because there truly is a bus every 15 minutes and I’ve taken those busses before.

I have EXPERIENCED that abundance.

You, dear reader, if you have not experienced that and have not developed that level of detachment should not circle around the promiscuous.

You’ll get disappointed, let down and or worse heartbroken.

It all comes down to that age old question:

“What do you want?”

So let this be your Don’t Eat Paint warning from me.

If you don’t want hot, fast, crazy sex with strangers who couldn’t give a damn about you if you text or call back, stay away from all those red flags the internet used to tell you about.

For those among us who’ve been around the block?

Red Flags Are A Green Light.

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