The “Evil’s Of A High Notch Count.”

It’s not actually “Satanic.” I just like blondes and pentagrams.

No one has ever lamented having had too much sex.” – @RuleZeroDAD

It’s true. I’ve never met anyone that has actually complained that they have had too much sex. I get plenty and from a variety of different women and I still want more. That’s how I’m built and how I roll. If you are honest with yourself, wouldn’t you rather being fucking instead of reading this blog post? I know I would.

But here we are. You are reading, and I was writing this at some point, and to be honest, getting a blow job or fucking while writing is incredibly distracting, at least to me.

Why am I writing about this? Well, Chest Rockwell’s (RuleZeroDAD) quote reminded me of something I read a while back. There is another account of Twitter that knows his shit when it comes to how to dress. The guy is a professional when it comes to men’s attire. Hell, he wrote a book on it that I actually own and if you were to ask me for wardrobe advice, I would recommend this guy, hands down.


His religion tends to get in the way when it comes to… Other things.

Like “the evil’s of a high notch count.” I wish I could remember the exact tweet he made a while back, but it was something about having a “high notch count” is somehow bad. Dude, sit down and stay in your own lane.

I have yet to meet a guy who has told me, “Goddammit Rob, I wish I didn’t have such a high notch count.” Or “I wish I didn’t have as much sex as I have had.” If and when the day comes that I actually meet a guy who has a higher notch count than me, or has had way more sex than I have had, and he wants to extol the negative side of this activity, I’ll actually sit down and pay attention. Seriously, if there’s a “downside” to having “too much sex,” I would like to know what it is. I haven’t found it yet. And I have yet to meet a guy who wishes he didn’t get laid as often as he has.

Personally, I think the whole, “evil’s of a high notch count” thing that you hear about occasionally is a cope. It’s a cope from a guy who hasn’t been laid enough and doesn’t have the opportunity to get laid more than he has. It’s the married guy who is tired of fucking the same woman over and over again because she either let herself go, or he craves actual variety, not just a wig and change in costume or makeup, or he just has no options and has gone “sour grapes” about the whole thing. Note that I didn’t say that you can’t enjoy fucking the same woman over and over for years. I’m not talking about that guy. He’s not complaining about the “evil’s of a high notch count,” and he’s not complaining about his sex life in general.

If you see or hear some person, usually a guy, extolling the “virtues” of a low notch count for a man, beware. You’re about to be sold a pitch. Jesus or some other religious figure isn’t too far behind. Realize that not only is Jesus not too far behind, but the guy extolling the “low notch count way of life” probably hasn’t had too many options in his life and won’t have any more options in the near future. Do you really want to be listening to such an individual? I don’t.

I would rather listen to someone who has done better than me. There’s more experience there to learn from. Choose carefully who you decide to read and to listen to. Be careful what you fill your head up with. Is it getting you more of what you actually want? Or is it getting you further away from what you actually want?

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