“Lowered Expectations”

He’s Not Wrong

It’s funny to me, I was thinking about what Rian Stone tweeted just a few days ago. I had just finished seeing one woman and was getting home, when another woman texted me. My hands have been full lately. I’m definitely enjoying my moments with these women for as long as they last, which could be another 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 weeks, 5 months, or 5 years. I don’t think or plan ahead that far, I just live as much as possible in the moment.

Men who fuck the least have the highest standards.” – Rian Stone

And that seems to be the case. None of the women that I have met recently, or in the recent past, or in the distant past for that matter, would qualify as “high value, high quality women.” Not a single one. Not my ex-wife, not my ex-girlfriend of 4 years, not the girl that I had sex with for the first time, not Kitten, not Teriyaki. None of them.

Why is that? Is it because I “can’t do better?” Is it because I “go for low hanging fruit?” Is it because I’m not “a real man?”


It’s because they are all just women. Their shit stinks just like mine does. Just like yours does. They have their foibles and faults just like you do. They have their doubts, their fears, and their insecurities, just like you do. Nobody is perfect, not even you.

The more I see and hear guys talk about their standards, and how high they are, the more I realize and say to myself, “Oh. He doesn’t fuck.” The more reasons, standards, and qualifications you have, the less your dick is getting sucked and getting wet. And why would I want to listen to you? All you are going to do is to teach me how NOT to get laid. I can’t learn anything of value from you, you are just wasting my time.

As of me writing this, I went to a concert with my Bosnian girl and her friends. She bought my ticket, invited me out, and we danced on the grass, under the stars with some truly amazing music setting the mood. She introduced me to her circle of friends. One of the guys offered me beer and a truly magnificent cigar. We talked about music and the band. He told me of his concern for his ailing 85 year old father. I can relate. While my father isn’t 85 and ailing, he’s no spring chicken either. I know I have less time with him than I would like.

You know what we didn’t talk about?

We didn’t talk about lifting weights. We didn’t talk about what makes “a real man.” We didn’t talk about the vaccine. We didn’t talk about politics or religion, or “saving the west.” We didn’t talk about being “alpha males and being the prize.” We didn’t talk about “thots” and OnlyFans.

We watched our women dance with each other and we watched them laugh and sing. We watched the band play, and if you turned your head and looked away, or if you closed your eyes, the lead singer became Freddie Mercury. That’s how much he sounded like him.

We smoked our cigars and drank our beer and we enjoyed the music while dancing with our women. That’s what we did. We lived in and enjoyed the moment.

As a side note: A dancing, laughing woman is a horny woman.

But keep your “standards” fellas. Clearly a dancing, laughing, horny woman is way beneath you.

Keep holding out. Keep bearing the torch. Keep knighting for the west. Keep sending all of those women to me.

Today is going to be a busy day. I’ve got a show to do, a house to clean, alcohol to buy, and later in the evening I’m having a teacher that also happens to be a belly dancer come over. She’s put together a custom costume that she’s dying to show me and I want to see it. I want her to dance for me. I want to dance with her. I want to see those curves revealed. Clearly she’s not a “high value” woman. Clearly. She’s just the person who is molding your children’s minds while they are in school and you are putting your nose to the grindstone and when you’re done “hustling” for the day and getting on Twitter to talk about your standards, she’s belly dancing and drinking with me, and telling me what she taught your children today.

But keep your “standards” fellas. Somebody has got to do it, might as well be you.

In all sincerity though, thank you “high standard” guys. While you moan about lockdowns, masks, the vax, degeneracy, and the lack of morals and standards in women, I’ve been having a stellar summer. So thanks!

2 thoughts on ““Lowered Expectations”

  1. Options:
    (1) Grandstand, dont get laid and dont have fun
    (2) Get laid, have fun
    (3) Have fun, even if you dont get laid
    (4) Get laid, dont have fun

    Thank you, Rob. I think you remind us that option 2 is a decent way to look at things, women.

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