We All Die Alone

The Final Destination

We all die alone, that’s inevitable, and it sounds bad, but do you know what might be worse?

Living alone.

I was talking to a woman the other day, it started as texting and turned into a phone call. Let me give you something that she said to me:

Thank you so much for keeping a lonely, bitter Jew company.

Now granted, she was just being a bit funny, a bit sarcastic, and in my opinion, a bit jaded. Nothing wrong with that as I have gone through all of that myself, but it really got me to thinking. This woman is 40 going on 41, no kids, no really close family, no real ties to her community, no….nothing.

Other than her being caught up in outrage of course.

Yes, she is caught up in the same outrage that I was caught up in a couple of years ago. Like recognizes like and all of that. She’s pissed about the current administration here in the United States, she’s pissed about the current state of the education system, she’s pissed about feminism ruining the West, and she’s pissed about how hot it is where she lives.

That last one I can agree with. As I’m writing this, it’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Salt Lake City and it’s only June. We are having a record heat wave and I can only imagine what July and August are going to bring if this is what we are at now. But I’m getting off track.

This woman takes very good care of herself physically and eats healthy. She works out. She’s highly intelligent. But she worries about shit that she has no control over and she will never have control over. Playing the social politics games is a losing proposition guys, you can’t win. It’s too big and you ain’t shit but a small fry. So why bother with it?

This woman can’t keep a guy around for more than a short while I imagine, and it’s because of her drinking all of the Kool-Aid of politics. I was blown away when she started sending me links to YouTube videos and they were about politics. Not the usual “Left is best, progressivism for the win, strong independent woman” schlock that I’m used to seeing from women, but stuff from the “Right.” Prager U stuff. Quasi-tradcon stuff. Stuff I got caught up in years ago. Thank you, but no thank you, I’ve been there, done that, and I got the T-shirt.

It’s sad when you try and flirt with someone and you make a remark that is meant to be flirty and a compliment, and you get combat in response.

(She sends a picture of herself, which in my opinion, she looks good)

Me: “You look…Tasty.. ;-)”

Her: “How or why do I look ‘tasty?’ I asked because I don’t understand ‘tasty.’ I don’t see it. I don’t get ‘tasty.’ ‘Tasty’ isn’t very fitting to me. I don’t understand it…At least not for that pic.”

Jesus Christ woman, do you NOT know how to flirt? Do you NOT know when you are being flirted with? Just take the compliment, roll with it, and move on.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, we all die alone. But what might be worse? Living alone.

But in my case, living with this woman would be worse.

It would be hell.

I have mentioned it before on many occasions, many live streams, and I’m pretty sure that I have written about it here on this blog before as well, but I’m too lazy to go back and find the links for them all, so I’ll recap it here:

When it comes to dating in today’s day and age, both men and women are retarded.

They don’t know how to communicate effectively with each other. They don’t know how to have a fucking phone call anymore. They don’t know how to take a compliment. They don’t know how to flirt.

Personally I believe that a lot of that has to do with everyone texting or messaging each other instead of having a phone call or a face to face interaction. All hail the Screen. The Screen is Dead. Long Live the Screen.

And as I go on in this journey of my life, I’m finding out it’s not only the younger generations that don’t know how to have a face to face, or voice to voice interaction, it’s even people of my own generation.

Having conversations, flirting, and human interaction is much like lifting weights or any other skill. It’s learned. If you don’t practice it often or do it enough, you begin to entropy. You lose it much like you lose muscle mass if you stop working out, or you lose the ability to play a musical instrument if you give it up.

Get off the app, the messenger, the text program and dial a phone number and make a call. Talk to someone. Hear their voice, engage with them. And if you so desire, move that conversation to a face to face encounter and actually talk to them. See them in front of you with your own eyes, not on a screen. Get yourself back into “conversational shape.”

While you will die alone, you may not have to live alone, if that is your choice.

11 thoughts on “We All Die Alone

  1. The problem I see with people who choose to live alone is they lose their filter. Filter probably isn’t the right word, it’s more like it turns you into, as you call it, a “sperg”. It’s not being submissive to avoid talking about things that you know pisses people off, or generally is not a good topic, it’s good manners. Being a disagreeable dick is not attractive in men or women. I’m all for speaking your mind, but there is a fine line between expressing yourself and being an asshole… Spending too much time alone tends to produce the latter in many people.

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  2. Insufferable? Yes

    There are a few people that have seen a few rounds, that never seem to get up from getting knocked down. Point of no return? sure.

    It is interesting to see but sad in a way. People cant find a way to move on and just live. This is actually common in people with Asperger adjacent conditions and people who society have encouraged them to act that way, (when in the past, we would keep it in check as a community).

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