It’s Romanticism By Any Other Name

Remember “Dub Mixes?” I do.

Apparently I still have more to say lol.

Teriyaki and I were out having breakfast last weekend, and while we were waiting for our food, “Sister Golden Hair” from America was playing on the PA system. It’s a song that I grew up with. I have to give Teriyaki some credit because she knew the song and was pretty certain who the artist was. Not bad for a girl who was born almost a decade after the song was written and published.

While I was listening and enjoying the song, I realized that while the song didn’t mention a woman’s name, it was in fact, about a woman. There are tons of songs like this. From songs that mention women in a general sense like, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “Witchy Woman,” and “Brown Eyed Girl,” to songs that mention specific names like, “Rosanna,” “Oh Sherrie,” “Mandy,” “Beth,” and “Roxanne” (h/t to Teriyaki for mentioning the Police) there are songs everywhere written mostly by men, about women. Women they love and lost, women who burned them, women they desire.

How many songs are out there that were or are, written by women and are about men? I’m not being snarky or rhetorical, it’s a genuine question. I would like someone to give me a name of a female artist who has written a song about a man that isn’t about her father. I want to know about it. The only one that I can think of in recent times is “The One That Got Away” which was co-written by Katy Perry. This is the closest one that I can come up with without doing a hardcore internet search. Notice that I said co-written. I’m specifically looking for something that was written and ideally sang entirely by a woman about her Man. Bonus points if the song is named after a specific man.

I mentioned guys writing and singing songs about their women to Teriyaki and how, at least at that time, I couldn’t come up with one single female artist who had written and sang a song about her Man, or any man for that matter, other than maybe her Father. I wasn’t bitter or angry then, and I’m not bitter or angry now. I was just pointing out what I had noticed. Teriyaki couldn’t think of a single female songwriter or artist either, or any song that specifically mentioned a Man by his name, not even one about a woman’s Father.

Now to be fair, what would we write and sing about if not for women? You can only sing so many songs about your vehicles, your guns, your dog, and partying in general. What would we sing and write about?

I know! It would something about semen retention.

Oh what a feeling! When you’re retaining all your semen! Oh what a feeling! You ain’t touching on your penis..” Look up “Dancing on the Ceiling” by Lionel Richie for the chorus to get the groove of where I’m going.


“Marcus Aurelius, I’m reading his things! Clearing my mind, getting perspective on things.. Before his stuff I couldn’t do things! Just call his name, your mind will be clean… Marcus! Marcus!” See “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, the chorus specifically for that one.

No, it’s probably better that we keep writing and singing about love had and love lost. It’s more relatable for sure.

Like Rollo said, oh so long ago, “Men are the Romantics and women are the pragmatists.” Or something like that. You get the idea. We are forgotten until we are needed. It is what it is. I’ve mentioned the Forgotten Man in a more recent post and I’m going to continue down this rabbit hole in the near future because there is more that I have to say about it.

Women can be romantic, god knows I have experienced it many times throughout my life, but are they romantic by default? No.

Stay tuned, more to come.

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