One Key Step To Not Giving A Fuck.

I have a confession to make.

I’m not on Reddit. I don’t even have an account.

When I first found this “space,” this thing that we call the Red Pill, and when I found what we love to hate to call the “Manosphere,” I didn’t find it on Reddit. I just remember being miserable and typing in some search terms in our favorite Oracle and I ended up sifting through a lot of stuff and I landed at Rollo’s blog.

From there I ended up on Twitter and fast forward to today, here I am and here we are.

For the last few years I had heard about the Red Pill subreddit and I had browsed it from time to time. Most of it today is chaotic and a lot of the material has already been done to death and it seems to me at least, that the spergs have taken over.

However there are a few voices on Twitter that originated or at least have a major presence on Reddit. Rian Stone and Rule Zero Dad (aka Chest Rockwell – The Passionate Man) come to mind. Both have been contributors to the Red Pill Reddit and in recent times, Rian in particular has been going over the basics and the fundamentals in a series called The Red Pill Sidebar. It’s a great watch, for new guys and guys who have been around for awhile, but need a refresher every now and then. I highly recommend you guys check this stuff out.

It was the Red Pill Sidebar that interested me. I could get past a lot of bullshit and nonsense and get down to the nitty gritty. I could find things that made sense and in my own way, I could figure out what was going on and how to apply it to my own life without the peanut gallery throwing their .02 at me. Basically I was on the hunt, looking for nuggets.

Nuggets are those little take-aways, those “ah ha’s!” that I seek. Those little tidbits of wisdom and insight. While the sidebar has a lot of the “big stuff” in there, stuff that we all know and love and just take as “of course,” there are little, lesser known nuggets in there as well.

I found one of those lesser known and talked about nuggets, and for me, I can’t believe that it isn’t talked about more in “our space.” I believe this little nugget is in fact, huge. Without it, most of the other stuff isn’t going to matter or “work” for you.

That little nugget was way down the sidebar, almost to the very end, almost as an afterthought.

And it was labeled: One Key Step to Not Giving a Fuck.

It’s also known as: The Guide To Accepting Yourself (even when women don’t.)

Here’s the nugget:

“People who don’t care if they get ass…get more ass than you.

People with shitty bodies who don’t give a fuck…get more ass than you.

People who truly have zero ambition and are ok with that…get more ass than you.”

I know I ain’t shit, and that’s okay. I’m below average in height. I’m bald. I don’t have the straightest teeth on the planet. I’m not ripped, jacked, or shredded. I work for “the man,” and I have no ambitions to become CEO or to become an entrepreneur. I’m an average writer. My YouTube videos are pretty average too. I don’t have a “voice for radio.” And I don’t care.

For all the talk about having to be perfect to bang the ladies, I’m not perfect. I’m far from it. But I’ll bet I get more ass than you. That’s not a brag, a flex, or a boast. I’m not better than you. I just don’t care. I don’t care about any of the bullshit that you care about. I don’t care that I’m short. I don’t care that I’m bald. I don’t care that I’m not ripped/shredded/jacked. Could I do even better with my chances with women if I got in super shape? Probably. But I don’t care. I’m happy with the results that I do get. I have more opportunities than I will ever get through in this lifetime so I’m good.

I found a book on Amazon awhile ago, it’s called:

“The Tao of Steve: 3 Simple Rules of Seduction”

In this book, there are only 3 “Rules” and they are:

1. Be Desireless

2. Be Excellent

3. Be Gone

I love taking stuff and instead of having to break it down into its molecular components, I can “chunk up” and put it into something that is memorable and useful to me.

Being Desireless is Not Giving A Fuck. It’s simply you having a conversation with a woman without regards to the outcome. Do you want to fuck her? Sure you do. But you don’t care if you do. It’s outcome independence. You don’t care if it happens or not. You don’t care if she likes you or not. If she won’t, someone else will.

There’s always another woman.

That’s one of my beliefs or “mantras.” There’s always another woman. I may not meet her in the next five minutes or the next five days, or even in the next five weeks, but I will meet her eventually. And I end up doing just that. So why get hung up over any one particular woman? Why worry about it?

Every woman I meet and end up having any sort of relationship with is special to me. She brings her unique perspective and her outlook and experiences to my life. I learn something from every woman that shows up for me. At the same time, if they go, or I tell them to leave, another one will show up. They always do. This is why I don’t care. This is why I don’t give a fuck. This is why I don’t worry about the details that really don’t matter that you guys get hung up on.

Give that sidebar link a read. Absorb it. Internalize it. You won’t regret it.

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4 thoughts on “One Key Step To Not Giving A Fuck.

  1. I ended up here just like you. I’m not real sure what Reddit is, but I’ve heard a lot about it. I was never on twitter until late last year, was not sure how it even worked. I found bloggers/blogging and kind of hung out here. I guess I need to get with the times. 100% true on guys not giving a fuck getting more ass. I was thinking about writing a post on a guy I used to work with who fit this bill and got more ass than anyone I know. Chads and Alphas included. You’ve convinced me to go ahead and write it. I think you’ll enjoy it. Going to check out the sidebar for sure.

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