Female Orgasms and “The Squirt.”

Clearly he’s never given a woman one.

The stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, some dipshit comes along and proves me wrong. I guess stupid truly knows no bounds.

I can remember when I was much younger than I am today and I heard about women having orgasms. I can also remember hearing, and eventually seeing, a woman “squirt.” The first time I ever saw a woman squirt was in some porno video. Back then I wondered, “Is that fucking real? Or is it staged? Or god-forbid, is she peeing?”

Turns out the “squirt” is real. 2006 was the year that I found that out firsthand. I met a woman, I’ll call her “Cindy.” Cindy was a “squirter.” I didn’t know that until I took her home after having a couple of drinks at the local bar with her. We ended up in bed and as I’m penetrating her, she happens to mention that she may or may not squirt. Turns out she squirted. And then she squirted again. She squirted enough times that the sheets and the mattress were soaked. According to her, my dick was hitting her “just right.”

The first couple of times we had sex and she squirted, I’m not going to lie, it was an ego boost. I was “the man.” I could make this woman soak the bed just by thrusting in her.

After a couple of weeks though, the novelty of the “squirt” wore off, at least for me. I got tired of having to change my sheets every single time we had sex. I got tired of using towels to hopefully absorb some of her juice and spare my mattress. The towels weren’t enough and I was running out of them unless I wanted to wash a load of towels every time we had sex.

I also had to strip the bed down and let the mattress air dry. I don’t know now and I didn’t know then, but I didn’t want to take a chance on the mattress developing mold or mildew. Sleep was pretty much not an option as the majority of the bed was one big “wet spot.”

Cindy and I parted ways a couple of months later and my bed and my dick breathed a sigh of relief. Fucking a woman who squirts tends to mess with her natural lubricant and any artificial lubricant that you might use. It’s sort of like fucking in a pool or a hot tub but without the excitement of those particular water environments. There’s been times in my life where instead of premature ejaculation, I would have to worry about not coming. Having a woman squirt and shake and rattle and roll fucks up the rhythm and it can fuck up the sensitivity, at least for my cock, and then me coming is pretty much not going to happen.

It wasn’t until 2019 that I encountered another squirter, or at least one who squirted regularly. She loved what I could do to her body and I guess that our parts lined up perfectly to get her to squirt from penetration. Same thing happened as before. Soaked sheets, soaked towels, soaked mattress. Same loss of sensitivity and lack of ejaculations for me as well.

Now when I meet a woman who claims that she’s a “squirter,” I take pause. Do I really want to go through the mess and hassle of that again? Now I would be inclined to want to sleep with her at her own place or maybe a hotel/motel or something. That way I don’t have to clean up the mess and air shit out, that’s someone else’s problem.

The guy in the screen shot is naive or is a rank amateur at best. Saying that the female orgasm is a myth is false. Never mind squirting, which is another phenomenon altogether, but I have felt women orgasm. I’ve felt it on my hands, my face, and on my cock. I think it would be extremely hard to fake an actual orgasm. The throbbing and pulsing isn’t something that I think you can control. A woman may fake groans, moans, and even thrashing around, but that throb that happens inside her body? I don’t think she could fake that.

The look of ecstasy and longing in her eyes, the smile on her face, and at least in my experience, the giggling and laughing that usually accompany an orgasm is pretty hard to fake as well.

The female orgasm isn’t a myth, it’s real. So is squirting. Be careful who you listen to and what you read. There’s a lot of nonsense and bullshit out there.

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One thought on “Female Orgasms and “The Squirt.”

  1. Wow! That guy’s gotta be one of the dumbest guys on the planet.

    Yeah, I’ve known two squirters. It’s weird. One would squirt to an extreme, like the first one you mentioned. The other was a lesser squirter but first time I’ve ever encountered it.

    Women cum in 3 ways – clit, pussy, and G-spot. I have no idea how that guy got that stupid because I thought at least everyone agreed on the first 2 and only people who have experienced the 3rd know it’s real. Everyone else seems to think it’s fake until they hit that spot. Squirters are a minority but the G-spot always at least does something once you find it.

    And squirting aside, I’ve had enough claw marks on my back to prove that the female orgasm is quite real. Are you sure he’s not a troll? Nobody can be that dumb.

    Actually, I take that back. I used to be on Twitter. There certainly were a lot of morons on that platform.

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