Bro’s Before Ho’s…

2020-07-12 (3)

…Is a warning.

Oh sure, “Bro’s Before Ho’s” has a definition that most people, at least on the surface, will subscribe to. It’s that idea, or a code of conduct, for guys to stand with their male friends over a woman.

The reality though, is that “Bro’s Before Ho’s” is a warning. It’s more like, “Dude if you get with my girl, I will kill you first and then I’ll go after her.” I hate to say it, but that’s been the reality I’ve seen instead of the wishful thinking of the classic definition of this phrase.

In the above picture, Chest Rockwell says, “There is no brotherhood or solidarity between men.” I hate that he’s right. When a woman cheats, it’s usually with someone she knows and it’s also usually someone that her significant other knows. Many times it is a close friend to both of them, and occasionally it’s another family member (i.e. his own flesh and blood brother, or even his father.)

When I think back to hearing from guy friends who got cheated on, I would say that half of the cheaters were guys that the cheated on knew personally. About half of those that he knew were guys that he considered to be a close friend of his.

Speaking of phrases, here’s another one for you:

“A hard dick has no conscience.”

I remember that I learned that one even before I had heard the phrase, “Bro’s before Ho’s.” A hard dick has no conscience means you’ll bang a girl with or without a condom, because she is there, ready, willing, and able. Got a condom? Great! You don’t? Shit. Fuck it, you’ll dive in anyway and damn the consequences. Ask me how I know. This isn’t just about protected or unprotected sex.

I grew up with a couple of guys who were about five years older than I was. Tom and Kelly. These guys knew each other since they were little and they lived across the street from each other. They were literally inseparable. They did everything together. The first time they got high? They were together. First time they got drunk? They were together. First time they went deer hunting and got their first kill? They were together.

I’m not kidding you when I say, these guys were literally joined at the hip.

That all changed though when they were both about 21.

Tom had a girlfriend at the time that he had been seeing for about a year or so. He was pretty serious about her. Tom bought a house and moved her in and then decided to have a house warming party to celebrate his first real major purchase. When Tom decided to party, he went all out. There were 3 kegs of beer at this party, a tub full of “jungle juice,” and all sorts of assorted “mind altering substances” were scattered around the house.

I remember all of this because I was there.

I remember there was a point where everybody had been partying for a few hours and things were really starting to take off. I also remember Tom was looking for his girlfriend and so he was going from room to room to find her. He eventually found her in their bedroom, and he found her under Kelly.

The ass beating that Kelly took almost landed him in the hospital and it almost landed Tom in jail. It took 4 guys to pull Tom off of Kelly. That was the first time that I saw a man take an honest to god serious beating. Kelly was beaten almost into unconsciousness.

All those years of friendship vanished in a moment. Their friendship ended that night as well as Tom’s relationship with the girl he was seeing. It was a helluva way to end what had been a great party.

“Bro’s Before Ho’s” is a warning and it’s also a “rule” so to speak. Guys will throw that “rule” around as long as it benefits them. It’s “rules for thee, not for me” though.

I’ve seen and had wingmen throw their “bro” under the bus to get some pussy. I’ve seen supposed “bro’s” become the ultimate cockblock.

Chest is correct when he said, “Wipe all revenge fantasy away.” Women aren’t going to get their comeuppance and that’s because there is no solidarity or brotherhood among men. I don’t say that with any bitterness or anger, it’s just the truth.

“Bro’s before Ho’s” is a great sentiment, but that’s all it is. It’s another type of chivalry amongst men that doesn’t exist in the real world. It’s another ought to be instead of what actually is.

Do what you will with this information.

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