No More Swipe Apps For Me


If you don’t follow me on Twitter (@RobSays__) you missed out on something I did the other day. I uninstalled all of my “swipe/dating” apps and I deleted all of my profiles on all of the different dating sites that I had belonged to.

Why did I do this, considering I’ve had some measure of success with women on these various apps? I did it because of two main reasons:

  1. Online dating is slow and tedious. You have to “like” or “match” with someone most of the time in order to communicate with them. They don’t “like” or “match” with you? No conversation can be had. On top of that, having the same conversations over and over gets tedious. You text back and forth a few times, saying a lot of the same things that you said to 5 or 10 other women. They give back similar answers, rinse and repeat. Or, they don’t answer you at all, which happens more often than not. I would rather go out in the real world and get immediate feedback from a woman. At least that way, if she isn’t interested, I know right then and there and I can move on to another woman. Or if she is interested, we can escalate the encounter and see where it goes.
  2. The quality of women online tends to be “lower” than what I really want. The type of women that I seek are usually not found on swipe and dating apps. They don’t need to be there. They get approached enough in real life. So if I want what I want, I had better go where they are, and online dating isn’t usually it.

Deleting these apps has freed up a lot of time for me. I didn’t realize just how much time I was sinking into getting minimal results. I could spend hours looking at different pics and profiles, crafting conversations, etc, and the whole day could get past me. Now I’m able to do more of the things that I actually want to do instead of swiping pics and sometimes having conversations that more often than not, end up going nowhere.

Here’s a hard truth for you to swallow: Dating (pick up, hooking up, whatever you want to call it) in any form is mostly a numbers game. It will definitely help you to have Game, be in decent shape, wear decent clothing, and having some money never hurt anything, but at the end of the day, it’s a grind. You’re going to get told “no” way more often than you are going to get told “yes.” That’s just the facts. It can wear you out in the wallet if you are not careful, and it will definitely hammer your ego and your self-esteem. That’s why I don’t think that there are a lot of guys out there that pick up women for years on end. It can really mess with your head when you are in a “slump” and the chicks just aren’t digging you.

So it’s back to meeting women full time in real life.

That being said, I went out the other night to a local bar/club. It’s a bar that I’ve been to many times in the recent past, but this night was a little different from the other times that I went.

That night I felt totally alone. Lonely even. I felt like I was invisible and didn’t exist. I know it was all “in my head,” and that the feeling is and was, a temporary one. Today as I’m writing this, I feel great. I feel fine. I’m alone but I’m not lonely. I’m in a good place today.

I think I need to change up the locations that I visit. I need more than just the one or two that I go to. I realize that I like variety, and I may have better results at a different venue than the one’s that I have frequented recently. I enjoy the music and the band at one of these locations, but even their set list is getting a bit stale. Also, I’m beginning to see a lot of the same faces there. Faces that I’m not necessarily interested in, nor are they interested in me. Time to move on. Fish in another pond.

In other news, since I’ve had quite a bit of time freed up to do other things, I’ve created a bunch of videos on my YouTube channel that I call “Two Minutes.” I take whatever idea or thought that comes to mind and I spend roughly two minutes on it. That way my subscribers get something to mull over and then they get to get on with their day. I’ll still be doing all of my live streams that I belong to, and I’ll still be putting out my more “long form” videos as well, but I decided to add something to my channel for shits and giggles. Check them out, tell me what you think.

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One thought on “No More Swipe Apps For Me

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