Seattle Is Dying

scrap metal trash litter scrapyard
Modern Day Seattle

The other night, Sunday night or technically Monday morning while I was having another bout with sleeplessness, I watched this item:

I call it an item because I’ve got a whole lot of mixed feelings about it.

First off, I actually think it is fairly non-biased as far as current, modern journalism goes. The guys who did it seemed pretty fair in their take on what is going on in Seattle. I’ll admit when it comes to MSM, I figure just about all of it is bullshit propaganda meant to brainwash the viewer into buying into the current narrative, but this one didn’t seem like that.

I have mixed feelings about it because I remember when I went to Seattle back in 2004. Now granted I only spent a week there, and I didn’t get to see as much of Seattle as I would have liked, but I did get to see quite a bit. What I remember about Seattle is that it was beautiful, very green, and at the time, especially for the size of the city and its population, it was really clean.

Not so much anymore. At least from what you will see in this video. Seattle has literally become an actual, honest to god, shithole. On one hand, I’m actually shocked and saddened to see this. It was a beautiful city. I almost wanted to cry when I saw the amount of garbage in the streets. This is in modern day America. How could such a beautiful city look like something from a third world nation? How did we go so low?

I almost cried. Almost.

I know how Seattle got to where it’s at. I’m pretty sure you do too. It got where it’s at because this is what the voting citizen’s of Seattle wanted. They voted this shit in. This is what happens when you vote for liberal/progressive policies, procedures, and politicians.

I said I had mixed emotions about it and I do. I’m sad and yet I’m not. I’m shocked, but not really. For the most part, I do believe Seattle gets what it deserves. Citizens of Seattle, you voted for this, it’s what you wanted. Now you get to sleep in the shit and the filth and the drugs because this is what you wanted. You get the crime and the despair because you would rather virtue signal your ultra liberal bullshit ideology. I hope you choke and gag on the odor of feces and urine as it wafts through your streets and through your windows. It’s what you wanted. You voted for it. You made your bed, now lie in it.

If I was a tourist and I went to current day Seattle, I promise I would never go back. Hell, just watching the video has made me think, “yeah, I don’t think so.” There’s nothing there worth putting up with the homeless camps, the drug paraphrenalia, and the garbage. There’s nothing I would want to see in Seattle anymore. Other parts of Washington? Okay, sure. But Seattle itself? No thank you. You guys can keep your garbage piles to yourself. I’ll take my tourist dollars somewhere else, I’ll vote with my wallet.

Apparently San Francisco is the same way, from what I’ve heard anyways. Same type of problems. That’s because of the same type of bullshit politics. The dipshit voters in San Francisco vote like the dipshit voters in Seattle. Imagine my surprise. Color me shocked. Another shithole in modern America. Go figure.

I have been talking to my Brothers from Masculine Geek about this and I’ve told both of them to come out to Utah and check it out. Now Utah isn’t perfect. It’s no “promised land” or any kind of a “mecca.” But Seattle or San Francisco it ain’t. I’m pretty sure that’s due to the mostly conservative voting and the religion of the region.

I told my Brothers to come out here and check it out and I meant it. Maybe they will find the time some time this summer or fall to come out here and spend some time seeing what’s to be seen and to hang out with me. Maybe they will like it enough that they will want to stay. Maybe I can get them to move out here. That would be pretty awesome if that happened. I’m still trying to envision what actually living near other red pilled Men would be like.

I’m trying to envision what having a physical tribe, an actual geographically close group of Men that hold the same values, views, opinions, and goals would look like. How cool would that be? We have accomplished a lot in a short time, and we have done all of it so far via computer screens, phone calls, texts, and e-mails. What the fuck else could we do in actual close physical proximity to each other?

What if we did that and it worked out so well for us that other Men and even their families wanted to do the same? Whether they came to Utah too, or they connected with each other in other parts of the country and moved closer to one another? What else would be possible? What kind of a reality can we create for ourselves by the simple act of being in closer proximity to one another? What if doing something like this is the next step? What if this how we slow or even reverse the decline? What if this is the next logical move?

It starts with reading blogs, watching videos, interacting on social media, which then turns into phone calls, texts, and skype calls. Which turns into getting in a car, jumping on an airplane, getting on a train and going for a visit. Maybe a few days, a week, or a couple of weeks. Which turns into looking into housing, jobs, and ultimately actually making a move. Picking up your belongings, packing your stuff and your family and making a move. Being closer to one another. Being closer to Yours, or in this case, Us.

How fucking cool would that be?

It may not be easy, but anything worthwhile is never easy. It takes time, but not nearly as much as you think it would take. It’s something that is real, tangible, and can actually happen. You just need to want it bad enough and be willing to do what it takes to get there.

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