I Am Legion.

I Am Legion, for I am Many.

“So what are you? Some kind of ‘player’?”

“I am Legion, for I am Many. I go by many names. Player is but one. But that sounds so… Negative. So, deceptive and heartless. I would rather you call me…. Lover.”

Hear me out, Dear Reader. That conversation above happened when I met “Velvet,” a few weeks ago. Does it sound like a Larp? Sure it does. Do I buy my own bullshit? Up to a point, yes I do. Why? Because it works for me. It gets me results, and women love a bit of “woo-woo” bullshit. They love something melodramatic and “larger than life.” And to be honest, so do I. It’s one of the reasons that I love Star Wars. It’s one of the reasons that I realized that I’m inherently a performer. I love to entertain and be entertained.

I could be nothing but “just the facts, ma’am.” But that’s just boring. I’ve done the “cold Terminator thing.” It sucks. I might as well be the incubus. I might as well be the Devil. I might as well be the Villain. I might as well be the Seducer. I might as well be the Rake. I might as well be the Lover. I am Legion, for I am Many.

Getting caught up in statistics and jargon. Why? Statistics are just that. They are just numbers. Who cares? Never tell me the odds. And jargon? Please. You know what it sounds like when I hear someone throw jargon at me? Like someone who is unattractive. That’s what I hear.

Where is your sense of wonder and adventure? Are you too busy trying to “Save the West?” Okay, Atlas. How’s that working out for you?

If you “buy your own bullshit” just enough, guess what? She will too. She knows it’s bullshit, but she’ll buy it. Why? Because it’s fun and different. Look at cult leaders. Those are people who bought their own bullshit and took it seriously. Look at the people who buy that bullshit and go along for the ride. Look at the things they are willing to do for someone who buys into their own bullshit.

So why not be Legion? Why not be Many? Why not be different, exciting, maybe a little dangerous? Why not buy your bullshit, just for a moment?

When I told “Velvet” that “Legion” line, it was spur of the moment. I didn’t have it planned out or scripted in my head. It’s what fell out of my mouth when she asked me what she asked me. I looked her straight in the eye, smirked just a tiny bit, and said it. I didn’t care if she “bought it” or not. It’s just what I felt like saying.

She “bought it.”

Most guys try to blend in and diminish their presence. What would happen if you didn’t? What if you saw yourself as “Larger Than Life?” What if you stood up and became “Legion?” Beats being just another “average dude.”

Instead of worrying about statistics, “magic formulas,” and jargon, what if you just decided to think better of yourselves and saw yourselves as something more than “just a dude.” What if you “bought your own bullshit” just for that moment? What do you think might happen?

What if you got outside of yourselves and got over yourselves and just decided to have fun?

Cyndi Lauper said it a long time ago: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” She wasn’t wrong. Do you want to be the “fun guy?” Or would you rather be the “brooding, serious, stoic, alpha male guy?”

I can tell you I have had more and better interactions with women when I chose to be the “fun guy.”

Lighten up and live a little. No one here gets out alive and you only get one shot at living. Might as well have some fun and enjoy it. Spin some of your own bullshit and see what happens.

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