If You Wax Poetic…

The other day, Rian Stone was taking some random asshole on the internet to task. Rian was mentioning hypergamy in a brief tweet and along comes this guy who writes a novella as a response to Rian’s original tweet: “until they find someone else. Jk. Where I part ways with the big guys is on the topic of monogamy. Most say it isn’t natural. Our society makes alternatives possible because of modern medicine & we are dysfunctional as a result.” yadda yadda yadda. Notice the “theoretical and abstract” in this response. Pay attention to it. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, and you’ll see it everywhere.

Rian then quoted the guy and said, “This is the nonsense that fills your thoughts when you let people who don’t fuck talk to you about fucking.”

To which the guy continued to reply with: “Ouchhh. Let me refine my overall point: monogamy (TM) is not necessarily natural and everybody desires it; however, our current sexual norms are only possible because of modern medicine and contraceptives.” More theoretical and abstracts.

I then replied to the guy who wrote the novella with:

Hypergamy in four words: Don’t care, got laid. Which is actually from Rian himself. Yes, hypergamy is a thing. It is real, it exists. I don’t care. I got laid. Hypergamy has existed ever since humankind has existed, it is nothing new. It has always been there. And yet people have been and are still fucking. You can get hung up on hypergamy, what it is, what it means, and you can write a novel about it on twitter.

Or you can not care about it and go out and get laid. The choice is yours.

When you see “theoreticals and abstracts,” know this:

The guy who is talking in theoreticals and abstracts isn’t fucking.

Another tweet I made right after replying to Rian’s tweet was:

Shit tests in 4 words: Don’t care, got laid.

If you are worrying about shit tests from women, you ain’t fucking. In fact, you’re not going to make it. You’re just stepping on your own dick and worrying about shit, yet again, that doesn’t matter. All women shit test. It’s what they do and they usually aren’t aware that they are doing it. Have you ever had a guy “bust your balls?” That’s all that a shit test is. Except it’s coming from a woman.

I’ve had almost all of the men that I have met “bust my balls” in one way or another. How do I handle it? Same way I handle shit tests from women. I either ignore it altogether or agree and amplify. I don’t let it get to me. When you let a guy who is “busting your balls” get to you, you are showing him that you have “thin skin.” And he’ll tease you mercilessly. He’ll probably lose a little, or a lot, of respect for you too. Same thing with women and their shit tests.

Are you really going to be so anal and autistic as to worry about something that a woman said to you as to wonder if she is shit testing you or not? Really? You get to burn then. Stop worrying about what she is saying to you. Just enjoy the interaction and treat her like a human being. Or you can treat her as something other than human, like a set of obstacles to overcome. All I have to say to that is, to each their own. Also, how’s that working out for you, bud? But hey, don’t lean in, you’ll be fine. Make sure your green line is pointing exactly due north and make sure that you know that if she’s folding her arms, she’s definitely banging the waiter at the restaurant that you saw of her in the picture that is going around on the internet. Or better yet, just buy a Lambo. That’ll fix your autism and get you the girls. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Oh wait, you’re not 6 feet tall… Bummer dude.

You can fill your head with all sorts of bullshit and nonsense. Things that don’t fucking matter, really. Or you can go out and meet women and see them as human beings. You can analyze everything they say and do and run back to your bro’s on the internet and ask them a million questions and get a million different answers, and of course, all of those answers are right and correct. Or you can just enjoy her and your conversation with her. Do you actually see her as a woman? A human being? Or is she just another statistic on your “quest for masculinity?”

Are you going to let hypergamy, shit tests, the “evil’s of a high notch count,” and green lines be “a thing?” Or are you going to let it go, stop giving a fuck, and just enjoy her and yourself while you are at it?

One thought on “If You Wax Poetic…

  1. Married or single, don’t care got laid is sound advice. Women love DCGL guy. You know who they hate? The guy who gets twisted up over her craziness. I can tell you from the married guy perspective, this is universal regardless of marital status…

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