The Desert Of Your Mind

It’s been a minute since I last wrote something, and that’s because of two things: Lots and lots of work and lots of doing shit with women.

Since the end of June of this year, I’ve talked to no less than 12 different women from online dating. I’ve met 4 of them in person at least one time, had one of those ghost, had sex with one of them, and I’m currently working on having sex with the other two. I’m also texting with a couple more that just showed up for me in the last couple of days. Who knows where that’s going to go?

Now these numbers aren’t special by any means. I’m no PUA, and I’ve said that many times before. I’m just an average guy who happens to like women, I know how to talk to women, and in turn, I get laid by women.

While I’m out either working my ass off in the broiling heat of summer, or I’m out with women, the internet hasn’t slowed down in the slightest when it comes to guys moaning about pussy.

Guys, if you haven’t been laid in over a year, you’ve made a choice. You have chosen for whatever reason to not have sex. Sitting around and calling women 5’s or 6’s or 8’s or 9’s and 10’s isn’t going to get you closer to getting laid. If anything, it’s just you jerking off about a woman’s looks, which are subjective. Talking about “don’t lean in,” and drawing green lines isn’t going to get you laid. Reading and rereading books and blog posts and watching YouTube videos isn’t going to get you laid. Subscribing to an online men’s cuddle club isn’t going to get you laid.

What might actually get you laid? Going out in the real world and talking to women.

But you have to reassess that desert that is your mind.

Guys moaning about pussy and about how hard it is to date and how fucked up the dating market is and I’m over here with literally more women than I have time to talk to, let alone go out with, do shit with, and hopefully end up fucking them at the end of the day. How is the dating market bad again? I guess if you mean that I don’t have enough time in the day to see them all and fuck them all, then yes, the dating market is pretty bad right now.

The dating market isn’t a desert. You are. It’s in your mind. When you learn to let go of all the bullshit “9’s and 10’s and green lines, and are they banging, and is she a hoe or a housewife nonsense, and the feminist/tradcon buffoonery,” and start to see women as just women, not your archnemesis, you might actually find out that they are pretty fun, pretty lonely, pretty confused, pretty horny, and willing to give you a shot, if only you don’t step on your own dick.

The woman that I had sex with the other day is 33 and by her own admission, she hadn’t had sex in over 4 years. I still can’t wrap my head around that one. It just doesn’t compute. It’s not that I don’t believe her, because why would she make up something like that? It’s just that I try and put myself in that position of not having sex for four years and my brain does a 404 page not found error. I literally can’t fathom it. The longest I have ever gone with not having sex was a little over a year, and that was when I was 20 years old. Since that time I’ve always had sex. I ended “her vow of celibacy” as I jokingly called it and now she can’t get enough. And she is so grateful and so willing to please me.

And yet the dating market is bad and it’s hard, and feminism, and BPD, and 9’s and 10’s, and green lines, and pair bonding, and covid, and blah blah blah. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

You guys have deserts in your minds. Figure it out or go thirsty. And as Rian Stone said it, thirst is the worst.

4 thoughts on “The Desert Of Your Mind

  1. The gal who went four years can be explained by while men get hornier as time goes by, women often lose interest the longer they go without, until someone like you wakes up that desire. Good job on waking the beast! This post applies to married men as well. I recently received a comment one of my older posts from a guy telling me most men aren’t like me, most marriages are not like mine, and I should have empathy men who are in shitty marriages. Not a quote, but that sums it up. I agree, most men are not like me, most marriages are not like mine, that doesn’t mean they can’t be. I’m nothing special, I just made a choice. What you describe is the single mans version of what I tell married guys. Stop bitching about your wife and do something. When I was a kid and complained about something, my dad used to say, “You going to bitch about the dark, or are you going to flip on the light?” I believe there is now a country song with that line. That’s how I see men who make the choice to remain celibate against their will. Unwilling to do the work and make the hard choices to change their circumstances. Accepting crumbs from their spouse and kissing her ass for them, at the same time complaining about going months (or years) without sex. Rob, you make the choices, you do the work. You also are not like most men today. It’s the same for men whether single or married, get off your ass and do something if you don’t like something about your life.

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  2. Getting laid has never been a problem which I can’t understand men. I’m 53 been married for close to 24 years, and am lucky I don’t have a shitty marriage and wouldn’t accept one either. Men get the women they accept.

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