Mecca “Boys”

This last Tuesday I had the honor and privilege to be on Asshole Consulting on Aaron Clarey’s channel. There was a young man who was paying Aaron to answer the question, “I’m thinking of moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, should I?” Aaron brought me on to help give this young man an informed answer since I have lived in Salt Lake City all of my life. Check out the video if you want my take on this guy’s question plus some other hilarity and nonsense. It was a good time.

The reason that I’m writing this post today is that I get the sense that this young man is living somewhere that he would rather not live in. Where he currently resides, I have no idea, but it’s clearly not Salt Lake City, Utah, which brings me to my point.

Guys, there’s no “Mecca” out there for you.

I have seen a lot of guys over the last few years talk about how bad it is in the United States what with feminism and progressiveness and whatnot, and that there is some magical land “out there somewhere” that will cure what ails them. Go to Poland! Go to the Eastern Bloc! Go to Thailand! Go to Mexico! Go to Australia! Go to the Middle East! Go to South America! Surely it must be better than what we have in the United States.

The truth is, whatever you are leaving behind in the United States, you’re also going to have to give up something else, possibly something more, in another country. Do you like clean, running water? That’s not always on the menu in another country. Do you like consistent electricity? That’s not always an option in other countries. Do you like stable internet service? That’s not always possible in other countries. Do you like owning firearms and as many as you can afford, no matter what type or style they are? That’s not possible in other countries. Are you ready to learn, or do you speak another language? Because you will have to if you decide to move to another country. Are you ready to go through that countries immigration program to become a citizen of that country? Be prepared to wait for years sometimes before you can become a citizen of that chosen country, if at all. Are you willing to renounce your citizenship to the United States? Because if you do, good luck coming back legally. And depending on which country you want to go reside in, you may always be considered an outsider.

Are you ready to leave everyone you know and love behind, possibly never to see them again? Are you? That’s always a possibility moving to another country.

A lot of what I just covered can also happen if you decide to stay in the United States but you decide to move to another state. Some are gun friendly, some are most decidedly not. Some have lower tax rates than others, some are higher. In some states the ratio of men to women are greatly in favor of the men, meaning there are more men than there are women. Are you ready for that? Some are child friendly, some are not. Some have community property laws and common law marriages, some don’t. Have you done your homework and looked into these two particular topics? Are you going to? It would be in your best interest if you did.

In some states the family courts are so skewed towards women that it is practically criminal. Live in, get married, and have a family at your own peril. Have you thought about these things? Have you done your due diligence? Have you looked into it?

Some have a dominant religion that could be totally alien and foreign to you. Are you ready for the culture shock? Are you willing to convert? Discrimination based on religion is alive and well, even in 2021. Ask me how I know. Are you willing to lose customers and possibly your business because you aren’t part of the predominant religion in the state you are thinking of moving to? Are you willing to have your children isolated and shunned because they aren’t “x?” These are real things that happen in real time, even today. I’ve witnessed it over 40 years of my life and it is still a thing. And there is nothing you can do about it except either convert, move, or accept that this is what will happen to you, your spouse, and your children if you decide to have any.

I have looked into moving out of the United States in the past and I keep running into one hurdle or another that is too big for me to overcome. The things I would have to give up are too great for me. I like my firearms. I like clean, running water. I like dependable internet and electricity. I like a better ratio of men to women. I don’t want to convert to some form of faith that I know little to nothing about. I don’t want to be religious at all because I don’t believe in religion.

“Dude! You should move out of the United States!”

But to where?

There’s nowhere for me to go that will afford me the things that I hold dearly. Nowhere. I’ve looked. So here I will stay, in the United States, for better or worse.

Do your research. Do it thoroughly. Do it carefully. Take your time.

And remember:

There’s no “Mecca” for you. There’s no “magic dirt” that will solve all of your problems or cure what ails you. You will simply be trading your current problems for new ones. The funny thing is, if your problem is feminism, it’s too late. It’s already here. Everywhere. Some countries are simply behind the curve is all. Give them five to ten years, maximum, and they will be on par with what is already present in the United States.

It’s not called a “Global Village” for nothing.

3 thoughts on “Mecca “Boys”

  1. It’s funny because you and I had a little bit of this conversation last week. I think we discussed USA vs Romania.

    Well, let me do California vs Texas.
    California pros:
    – the most beautiful state in the union, and yes, I’ve been to Hawaii multiple times and Alaska once.
    – you’ll make a lot of money here because the companies simply pay way more
    – you’re within a 4 hour drive from pretty much any biome.
    – the politics
    – the taxes
    – the cities are shitholes
    – the constant virtue signaling everywhere
    – the cost of living

    Texas pros:
    – no state income tax
    – politics are way better than California (and hopefully Californians moving here won’t ruin it like they ruined California)
    – property is affordable
    – not as pretty as California
    – you won’t make as much money

    That’s not as end all be all list by any means but rather just an example. You can do that for any 2 places in the planet.

    And yes, you’re absolutely right. There is no Mecca anywhere. Every place has its strengths and flaws.

    We loved SLC but man, that air really got to both of us. I think I told you I had 3 straight days of bloody noses.

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    • Yeah it’s dry as fuck out here. Zero humidity. It’s like that in both the summer and winter. Nosebleeds are fairly common because of it, especially for people who aren’t acclimated for it.

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