It’s A Stopping Point, Not A Destination

I Don’t Know Why, But I Liked This Photo.

It’s been over a month since I last wrote or really visited my blog. Why is that?

It’s because I feel that when it comes to many if not most of the subjects that I have talked about on here, I have run out of things to say. I have said what I needed to say, and there are many more bloggers and creators that are saying basically the same things that I have said, only I think they are saying and doing it better than I ever could.

What am I talking about? Why, the Red Pill of course. “How do I get da gurlz?” “How do I get laid?” “Wahmen bad!” “Don’t touch your penis!” And all of those particular topics.

If you want to get laid, get in decent shape. I’m not talking about becoming a gym rat unless that is your thing, but lose some weight. Most of you could stand to lose 20 pounds or more.

And then go out and actually TALK TO WOMEN. Have a bonafide conversation with them. You might discover that they aren’t all bad and that there might be a few who would actually fuck you if you don’t overshare and tell them your whole life story in the first five minutes of meeting them.

That’s it. That’s pick up. That’s the heart of Game. If you can’t get the courage to go out and say hello to someone new, well, I don’t know what to tell you other than your life is going to be lonely, and it’s going to be hard. Especially if you think that women in general are bad or evil. So have at it. It’s your life. Good luck with it.

The Red Pill isn’t a destination. It’s not something that you find out about and then camp out and live there. It’s a way point. It’s a detour and a speed bump of your life. So get on with it. Get on with your life. There’s more to your life hopefully than just the Red Pill.

That’s all I’m going to say about it. I’ve said all of this before, this is nothing new, and so I’m done with it. Go back through the last three years of this blog if you want more information about that topic, it’s all there.

So what have I been doing for over a month now?

I became a ghost on Twitter for one. That won’t surprise the people who follow me there. The more I stay off Twitter, the more my life gets better, so other than the occasional post, me putting up these blog posts and my audio and YouTube stuff, I’m all but done there. I’ll still keep my account active so that people can direct message me and talk to me, and I’ll occasionally get on from time to time, but other than that, I’m done with it.

I’m in a transition period when it comes to my creativity. When I had Chad Elkins on The Salt Lake Sit-Down, and then I followed that up with Chad from The Failsafe, and with both guys, we barely if at all, touched on the Red Pill, that’s when I knew it was a time for me to change things up. I enjoyed talking about podcasting and musical gear with Chad. I enjoyed talking about work and jobs with Chad Elkins. I enjoyed just having regular conversations with some really cool guys about guy stuff. So going forward, at least with the Salt Lake Sit-Down on YouTube, that’s what I’m going to be doing. I’m going to have regular conversations with really cool guys about everything and anything at all. It’s not going to be a cryfest about how women ain’t shit or any of that nonsense.

Speaking of YouTube, there’s a couple of things that I’ll mention right now.

About a month ago, I spent almost one thousand dollars in audio equipment to better my sound quality for what I wanted to do and then I lost my urge to say all of those things. So I have and had all of this gear sitting there doing nothing and I had no desire to hook any of it up and carry on with that I had been doing. Talk about a dilemma. Do I box it all back up and send it back for a refund? Do I sell it on the internet? Do I shut my channel down and be done with it? Do I leave the channel up for posterity and because I occasionally said something that somebody might find to be useful in their lives down the road?

Don’t worry, I’m not shutting down my channel. I have put over three years of my life into it. I’m not shutting it down or leaving it up strictly for archival purposes. I’m still going to be creating content, just not the usual fare that most have subscribed for. So I’m probably going to lose what subscribers I have, and that’s okay. I’ll get new ones going forward.

Speaking of going forward, I had Joe from on my latest Salt Lake Sit-Down and after the show I asked him if he would like to be a co-host with me and he said he would be delighted to do that. Going forward, when it comes to the Salt Lake Sit-Down, it will be Joe and me from here on out. We are still working out the details as to what day and times will work the best for the both of us, but that’s where we are at. So for better or for worse, if you watch my Salt Lake Sit-Down episodes, Joe is going to be a regular fixture going forward. I’m happy about that because I really like Joe and I think our dynamic is a good one.

In other news for those of you who don’t know, I stepped down from Masculine Geek.

Vince, James, and I had a talk about a week ago and that’s when I told them that I wanted to step down. They are my Brothers and I love them both dearly. It’s just time for me to move on to different things and I need that time to expand on what comes next. I’ll still drop in on the show from time to time and I may occasionally add a guest post to their blog or their newsletter, and I’ll definitely see them when we have real life meet ups. Masculine Geek was never intended or started as just an online thing. It was a means for guys to actually meet each other in real life.

So I’m not selling off or returning my thousand dollars worth of audio gear. I’m not shutting down my YouTube channel or this blog. I’ll still be writing here like I am at this moment. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to be writing about here and I’m not sure how often I’m going to be writing here. I would eventually like to get it back to having something for you, Dear Reader, to at least once a week. I’m sure I’ll get there again, I just don’t know when that will be or how long that will take. It takes as long as it takes I guess.

I’m not “done.” I’m not gone. I’m just in a transition period of my life when it comes to my creativity. I have had these periods before, and it’s where I’ll sit around for awhile wondering what I want and am going to do next. I’m sure I’ll do a lot of drinking and fucking while I figure that part out because that’s what I did the last time, over three years ago, when I had a transition period in my creative life.

Not to sound cheesy and like a cliche, but guys, life really is about the journey, not the destination. The Red Pill is a way point, not a final solution or the end point of your lives. Know that and then move on.



2 thoughts on “It’s A Stopping Point, Not A Destination

  1. Rob, I for one have missed you. Yes, there are a lot of guys talking red pill shit. But, it is obvious they know nothing about the red pill or women. You’re perspective of not hating on women was different and refreshing. I have not found anyone else like you. I do understand we move through phases in our lives. I will continue to follow you here and wish you well with whatever comes next. I’m going to miss your perspective. Like I said, there are not many like you and I haven’t seen many talking about it. Good luck with whatever is next in your life. Thank you for what you have done here. I have appreciated it.

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