What’s In Your Best Interest?

On January 6th 2021, Ashli Babbit was shot and killed during a protest at the State Capitol in Washington D.C. She left behind a husband and if rumor is correct, they had an “open marriage” where she also left behind a 29 year old, live in girlfriend.

It’s tragic because it was a waste. It’s tragic because it was totally 100% preventable. If she hadn’t wanted to play “Daughter of Democracy,” she would most likely still be alive today.

I get into discussions with guys online about “what is the Red Pill?” The Red Pill isn’t about “truth.” A truth would be, “children raised in families with both a mother and father present, do better.” I would agree, that’s the truth. The reality is something else entirely. Another “truth” is that men and women are better together than they are apart. I would agree with that too. That’s the truth. Feminism tells us that “women don’t need no man/fish/bicycle” and here we are. The truth is funny because in many cases, it’s not what IS, but what “ought to be.” The Red Pill is about reality. It’s about what IS, whether you and I like it or not.

The truth is that the majority of men find slender women attractive. Women think it should be otherwise and it’s not about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside. Then they wonder where all the good men went. The men are still there, Karen, you are just invisible to them is all.

The Red Pill is about seeing and accepting reality for what it is, not what you wish it to be or think it ought to be. Going back to the death of Ashli, if anyone was “red pilled” about this, it was her husband. Did he think that she would end up dead from going to this protest? Probably not. Did he want her dead? I sure hope not and think it’s highly unlikely that he wanted her dead. Is he grieving over his loss? Most likely. But he’s doing it with another woman keeping his bed warm while he’s at it. A 29 year old woman. If anything, this guy still has options.

The Red Pill gives you the chance to see reality for what it actually is, warts and all. It also gives you the chance to ask yourself two of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself.

1. What Do I Want?

2. What’s In My Best Interest?

In order to answer both of those questions I believe that you have to acknowledge reality for what it is, first. Then ask what do I want? Once you know what you want from a given situation or circumstance, then you get to ask yourself the second question: What’s In My Best Interest?

And then act accordingly.

Going back yet again to Ashli, I’m sure there are people on the internet saying things like, “HeR hUsBaNd ShOuLd HaVe kEpT hEr HoMe!” Yeah right. Do you really think that you can keep a “strong, independent woman” at home? Or any woman for that matter? The reality and the truth is, you can’t. You trying to stop her, even in what would most likely be her own best interest could land you in jail for spousal abuse and kidnapping if she wanted to push it. We as men have no authority over our women, that’s the reality. Act accordingly. I tend to think Ashli’s husband did just that.

After the “Storming of the Bastille,” on January 6th, the powers that be lost face in front of America and the world. Do you think that they are going to take that lying down? Do you think that they are just going to let that go? Think again.

All of those people LARPing the Revolution of 1776, do you think that was in their best interests?

I can only imagine what that was like:

Sitting in a shitty motel, unable to get onto an airplane to go home because you were put on a “no fly list.” The authorities are investigating and will most likely want to have a talk with you. There’s been mentions of federal indictments and charges. There’s even been the whisper of the “T” word. And here you are, sitting on your bed in that shitty motel room with your online friend, Kekistani134 for company. And you’re probably wondering to yourself, “How did I get here?”

Was it in your best interest to go play revolutionary? If you want a revolution, you need to go all in, all the way. Not LARP and take selfies of yourself and your online bros doing dances in the Gala Room.

After the 6th, social media decided to have themselves a little “purge.” Red hats, Q advocates, and many that have been advocating for revolution were silenced.

“But muh FrEe SpEeCh!” Hey, I’m with you.

I’m all about free speech. The problem is, free speech only applies when it comes to criticizing the government. It doesn’t cover calls for violence and it doesn’t cover you for wanting to be insufferable on the internet.

Too many people are confusing free speech with being able to have diarrhea of the mouth and that I or anyone else have to listen to your nonsense. We don’t. Sure, I could just scroll on by, which I usually do, or I could mute you if you happen to shit the bed more often than not. But maybe, just maybe, STFU would be in your best interest?

I remember a time in the not too distant past, who you voted for, or if you even voted, was your own personal business. Asking someone who they voted for, or if they voted was considered rude, low class, and downright nosy. Same could be said about what your religious beliefs are and your sexual preferences. I don’t care who you voted for, what religion, if any, you subscribe to, and what your sexual preference is. It’s none of my business. And yet, I know who you voted for, what your religious beliefs are, and if you are turned on by men, women, or both. And I didn’t even have to ask. You practically shoved it down my throat. I know more about you than you do about me. Is that in your best interest? Maybe you should say less than necessary. Maybe you should STFU. But here we are.

The truth is, we have free speech, which is good for all parties. The reality, on the other hand, is what we are seeing today.

“ThAt’S nOt FaIr!” You’re right, it isn’t. Where are you going to go? You going to rage/hate/fear quit and run off to Gab? Good for you, bye. It’s only a matter of time before Gab or any other platform starts doing the same things that the more popular platforms are already doing.

Maybe instead of feeling the compulsion to run your mouth because of freedom of speech, maybe you should consider Law 4 of the 48 Laws of Power: Say Less Than Necessary. While you are at it, consider Law 38 as well: Think As You Like, But Act As Others. Or is running your mouth in your best interest?

How many people are you going to be able to reach when your account has been suspended? I’ll give you a hint: zero. I have seen it time and time again in recent history. Guys are online, and in some cases, they are making money online selling books, courses, consultations, you name it. Then one day, the “Freedom Bug” bites them on the ass and they start talking about arming themselves and preparing for the revolution that is to come. From that moment on, the clock is ticking. A time-bomb is now set in motion, and sure enough, the guys get suspended, sometimes permanently. Not only did they lose their voice, but they lost their chief way of marketing their online businesses. They lost their bread. Was that in their best interest?

The revolution, if it is to happen, isn’t going to happen because someone started yelling about lizard people controlling the cabal and the Deep State/Illuminati connection. It isn’t going to happen because of something that was said online. It’ll happen when people go without food and there is no sign as to when the next meal is going to happen, if ever. It’ll happen when you can’t keep the heat on in the dead of winter and your children are freezing. In short, it will happen in real life. Not on the internet.

You want to preserve free speech? Show your children what’s going on in the world today, make them aware of what is happening. Involve your real life friends, neighbors, and family. Have a plan for if and when shit hits the fan. But when it comes to online “freedom of speech,” look at the reality of the situation, ask, “What is in my best interest?” And then act accordingly.

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7 thoughts on “What’s In Your Best Interest?

  1. I agree with this post Rob. My issue with what is happening is while I have 20 yrs or so left, I have three kids in their 20s, and soon grand kids I’m sure. The true fall will likely be beyond my timeline, but I am concerned for them. Yes, they need to make their own way and figure it out, but as a father I can’t help but worry about them. If you are a father worth a shit you care about kids no matter how old the are.

    I believe being lured by pantifa and the capitol police (see videos of the police opening doors and letting them in and recent antifa arrests) into entering the capitol was a dumb move… But, I feel their enthusiasm for what they believe was right.

    Protests are futile and dumb in my opinion. Nobody cares. I used to think just vote what you believe to make change happen, but now that’s futile as well.

    As screwed up as the US has been at times, we always knew the next election cycle we would at least have a chance to change it. Based on the last two elections (presidential and Georgia senate seats) we now are coming to the realization that there is no hope for change. They have literally turned our election process into a banana republic like process. What’s disturbing is the apparent lack of concern over what just happened. I think this loss of hope for the next time is what has people so spun up right now. At least it’s what is bothering me. I can take an L during an election, but knowing it was fraudulent is hard to accept.

    You are right, until it leads to bread lines I don’t see anyone waking up and taking this serious. Hell, I don’t even think that will do it. Look how easily we as a society has bent the knee with the foolishness so far.

    I have let it go for now, but as I think about my kids, I cannot completely forget about it. You won’t see me sitting at Pelosi’s desk taking a selfie, but damn when will people wake the fuck up???

    Great post as always, I just wanted to share my perspective of all this as a father of kids who will have to endure this BS in the future.

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    • While I’m not a husband and Father like you, Mike, I can empathize. If I had children and I KNEW that me forfeiting my life would GUARANTEE a better life for them, it would be no question. I would do it. And I would do it happily. I’m sure it’s the same for you. You and I forfeiting our lives, in our current environment gives ZERO guarantees for your children as I know that you know. In fact, I believe that doing so would be throwing your life away in vain, as it would be for me if I did the same thing. So we have to do what we do in both our own personal best interests and for your children’s best interests. There’s no other way.

      Basically, I’m agreeing with you agreeing with me lol.

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  2. […] It’s good to be your own Mental Point of Origin as Rollo calls it. It’s good to ask and hopefully know what you want. It’s great to not give a fuck. At the same time, there comes a time when you need to take other people’s feelings and thoughts into consideration. They are human beings after all. If everything you do is about you and you alone and only the things that you like and want to do, you’ll end up being alone. I know I wouldn’t stick around anyone whether they are a man or a woman if everything was only about them, for them, with nothing in it for me. […]


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