Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas is almost here again, and yet we are in one of the strangest times we have ever been. At least it is the strangest time that I have been a part of so far.

Lock downs are happening all over the world and right before Christmas with no ending in sight. People are wearing masks while doing their holiday shopping. Apparently the government is thinking about handing out some more money to us peons. Thanks Big Daddy, may I have another?

Don’t let the masks and the lock downs bring you down. Don’t let politicians and others who don’t have your best interests at heart, tell you what to do. Do what you must. Do whatever it is that you must do for you and yours.

Don’t let those that would, break your holiday spirit. Don’t let them break your spirit, period. Stand where you must stand. Sit where you must sit. And fight where you must fight. Know what hill you are willing to die on.

From me and mine to you and yours,

Have a Merry Christmas.


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