Happy Thanksgiving 2020

It’s that time of year again, it’s time for Thanksgiving. 2020 has brought us more than we bargained for and more than we anticipated. In all honesty, I almost wish that I could go to sleep for most of this last year and wake up next year.

The problem is, most of this “change” isn’t going to go away any time soon, much less just because of a calendar change. Changing a “0” to a “1” in this case isn’t going to do anything.

I wanted to take a moment and give thanks to the people that have showed up in my life so far:

Thanks to Vince, TJ, Aaron, and James. You guys rock and you are my Brothers. I could write entire blog posts about you guys, but I don’t have the time and I don’t think most people would have the energy or the patience to read it.

Thanks to Nick August for giving me a chance at doing some fiction writing in PunchRiot.com I’ve enjoyed it immensely so far, and I plan to continue doing it if you’ll have it. Also thanks to Nick for putting Let ‘Em Burn on the map. It’s been great talking with you on that show and I look forward to continuing doing that with you.

Thanks to BullRush for coming out to visit me in January of this year. I’m honored and privileged to have met you. I’m glad that Nick brought you on to Let ‘Em Burn and that you are a co-host with me. You add an element to the show that was missing, and I look forward to creating more with you. Keep working on those razors of yours, they are truly special and I prize mine every time I use it.

Thanks to Jack Napier from Red Evening. You are my younger brother that I never had. It’s been an awesome year so far with all the shit that we talk about and I’m really excited for whatever is in store for us next year. We are truly living “Life After The Red Pill.”

Thanks to Matt “FreeMatt” for coming out and visiting with me during the pandemic. You are another brother from another mother for me. Your willingness to listen and to learn and to give your take on things is a gift. I told you while you were out here that being around you and talking with you was an honor, a gift, and a privilege, and I meant that then and I mean it now. Keep doing your thing my friend, you are doing good things whether you know it or not.

Thanks to all of the guys that show up every time that I go “on air.” You guys in the chat are a big reason why I keep doing what I do. You could choose a whole bunch of other content to watch and interact with and yet you choose some of mine. That’s not lost on me. Thank you for your time and your attention. Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Thanks to Chest Rockwell for driving your ass all the way to Salt Lake to bring me beer. Dude, you have no idea how much that meant to me. You are an amazing man in your own right, you’re incredibly intelligent, and I’m honored that you came out to meet me, Vince, TJ, and all of the other guys that came out to Village by the Lake. I’m honored to call you a friend and I look forward to future “adventures.” Maybe this next time I’ll come to you, only I’m not fucking driving. Interstate 80 is way too lonely and I’m way to easy to tempt to go down that road. I’ll fly instead.

Thanks to everybody else that I have interacted with this year so far. You guys fucking rule. Mike in FL, HSG, Bacon, Amos, Red Crusader, Rian Stone, Rollo, Carl, Caio and Jesse, Conk, John Steele, Nick S, David West, Joe Curl, Doc Perrodin, Cris Von Erik, Joe Dolio, Skip, Stephen Storey, Sterling Cooper, and all of my guys that are learning and teaching each other game, all of you rock. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll do the same. My apologies in advance if I have missed anyone.

I’ll have more shit to talk about I’m sure. More rants to record and write down, and even some more fiction for those of you who like my take on that stuff.

And lastly I want to thank Teriyaki for showing up and being a part of my life so far. You are crazy, but you are my kind of crazy. You are weird, but you’re my kind of weird and you get my sick, twisted humor and the fact that my life is a soundtrack. Here’s to more good times.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Eat the good food and drink the good drinks. Enjoy.


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3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Thank you Rob. Though we have not met in person, it has been great exchanging ideas and views. We have different lives, but have so much in common. Have a great Thanksgiving! I’ll be drinking some bourbon and smoking a cigar at my dads in the N Ga Mountains this week. I will be raising a glass to you on the porch that evening.

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