“No True…”

a man in red shirt covering his face

Guys, I’m tired. I’m tired of hearing guys banging on about “As a man..,” “As a patriot..,” “It’s your job..,” “Life is a struggle…”

Stop it. Just. Stop.

You live in a time and place where you have the luxury to bemoan the fact that you can’t get laid. You live in a world where all, and I mean all of your comforts are taken care of for you. Stop bitching about it and fucking enjoy it.

I’m tired of hearing about guys banging on about their ancestors. You know what? Your ancestors didn’t know you, they don’t know you now, because they are dead, and they had their own problems to deal with back in the day and so they probably didn’t give a shit about you or your problems.

Instead of Live Action Role Playing your life, why don’t you just shut the fuck up and live your fucking life? I don’t know what your ancestors would think about you LARPing on the internet, but I know what your peers think.

They think you are an idiot and a goddamn pussy. They probably think you are pathetic too. Here you are, sitting around on social media with your avatar of Julius Caesar, acting like you know anything. You are a joke. You are an imbecile. And that’s how you are viewed. Nobody takes you seriously. I know I sure don’t.

You haven’t lived long enough to talk about the shit you are talking about and it shows. Get some more life experience by actually going out and living life instead of sitting around on the internet talking about things that you know absolutely nothing about. Go out and live for several years and then come back and talk to me about your fucking ancestors, society, honor, virtue, and all that bullshit that you are currently flapping your gums about.

Stop using shame language to get people to see your point of view. “A real man..” Would shut the fuck up and let other men decide how they are going to live their lives. “A masculine man..” wouldn’t care what other men think or do. He’s doing his own thing, whatever that is. “As a man…” doesn’t mean shit, bud. Just because you are a man, and I’m using that term loosely, doesn’t give you any street cred or clout. Who gives a shit.

Reading a couple of quotes on stoicism off of the internet or reading a book on stoicism doesn’t make you a stoic. Acting like it does make you an idiot though.

Reading a couple of books on “pick up” doesn’t make you a pick up artist. Going out, approaching women, getting rejected, doing it over and over again, and eventually having success, does.

Instead of sitting on social media talking about shit that you know little to nothing about, how about actually getting off social media and actually learning about those things you want to talk about? Then come back and see what happens.

How about doing something that is actually useful instead of just contributing to the noise ratio?

Nah, that takes time, work, and effort. Far easier to sit on social media and pull shit out of your ass and act like you know that 1+1=2.

Come back and talk to me when you are 35 years old or older. Hopefully you’ve had some life experience by that time and you’ll sort of have a clue what you are talking about.

Stop worrying about your “personal brand,” it doesn’t matter anyway, not in the long run. Start figuring out how to be genuinely authentic. Nobody likes a LARPER except another LARPER, and if that’s what you want, that’s fine, just realize that all you and your LARPing buddies are doing is jacking each other off.

Let me paint that picture for you since you miserable fucks irritate me so much:

There you are, sitting next to your LARPing buddy, he’s got his big, hard, throbbing cock out. It’s veinous and pulsating. You lick your hand and fingers in order to give him some lube..And then you gingerly grip his throbbing cock and begin to stroke. You start slow at first, feeling how hard he is. You pick up speed as you listen to him moan and writhe in pleasure. Faster and faster you go. Your buddy is gasping and telling you not to stop. He’s so close to coming. You beat him off furiously until he bucks his hips and comes all over your hand. You can feel the hot, wet, sticky come run down your fingers.

As an added bonus, you pull your fingers to your mouth and you lick your buddies come off of your fingers.

There you go. That’s what it’s like when you are talking your shit on the internet. You’re jacking your buddy off and licking up his come.

Are you thoroughly disgusted and reviled? Good.

Now, stop acting like an idiot, get off the internet, and go start living your life.

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2 thoughts on ““No True…”

  1. Damn Rob, You’re on a roll recently. Great Post! I was thinking the same thing last night as I scrolled Twatter. There are a bunch of “experts” on there talking about shit they know nothing about. Avatars, branding, don’t know shit because they haven’t done shit… All facts. Now you have me pissed too! Larpers and jerking each other off. Love it.

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