When You Have The Red Pill Blues

Alex Cooper of “Call Her Daddy”

I decided a little while ago to limit my time on social media in particular and the internet in general. It’s definitely the “reset” that I’ve needed. The conundrum that I have encountered so far is what to spend some of my time on.

I have not only limited my time on the internet and on social media, but I’ve also limited my exposure to the videos that I watch or the podcasts that I listen to. The guys that I have listened to in the past have their own messages or their own spin on things that need to be said, and since there are new guys showing up every day, all the time, these hosts and podcasters are doing the Lord’s work delivering their messages to guys who have never heard them before.

The thing for me though is, I’ve heard the messages. I’ve heard them put one way and then spun another way. It starts to get redundant and cyclical. Talks of hypergamy, STEM, the military, minimalism, and other Red Pill topics are great, especially for the new guys waking up and getting their shit together, maybe for the first time in their lives, but what about guys who got the message and are handling their shit? That’s where I’m at now.

The podcasts that I’m specifically seeking are one’s that will entertain me, first and foremost. If I learn something along the way, so much the better. I’m definitely not seeking “more of the same,” whether it involves politics, outrage, or the foundations and fundamentals of what we call the Red Pill.

I wish I could remember who it was that mentioned the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. All I remember is that it was one of the PUA guys that I follow on Twatter. It was a while ago, but I decided to give it a listen, just for shits and giggles.

The first episode that I listened to is called “97 – The Life Of A Porn Star (ft. Lana Rhoades)”. While the host, Alex Cooper is definitely vulgar and crass, she is entertaining. I never knew who Lana Rhoades was, so I had to go and look her up:

This is Lana Rhoades

Not bad looking, and young to boot. She’s 24 years old as of 2020. Alex and Lana did pretty much what you would expect from a couple of young women in today’s day and age, but to give Lana some credit, she never played the victim card and did the “woe is me because I did porn, and it’s everybody else’s fault” type of nonsense.

If anything, Lana confirmed to me that there is no comeuppance for most women. While she is out of the porn industry, she has no shortage of suitors to date her, she’s currently (at least at the time of the podcast) dating someone, and she has no shortage of marriage proposals from various men. I’ve said it before, there are plenty of thirsty dudes that are more than willing to “wife up” a woman, no matter her past. The comeuppance fantasy is just that, a fantasy. And you know what? Good for her. She’s made her money, got out before the industry burned her out, and she has apparently gotten on with her life. More power to her.

While the “Call Her Daddy” podcast isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea, I found it entertaining to say the least. If you ever want to know what women talk about and be a sort of “fly on the wall,” you should check it out. From sexual fantasies that will blow most guys’ minds (women are way freakier than you know), to “advice” that they give to one another, especially about men, to all sorts of sexual positions, toys, and general drama that women like to embroil themselves in, it’s definitely different from the usual fare of Black Pill doom and gloom, “How do I get da gurlz?” lift, stop being a piece of shit, all wahmen bad, retain your semen, patriarchy, wish I was in the ’50’s bullshit that the manosphere has devolved into today.

In short, it was entertaining and refreshing, even if it was crass and full of fluff and nonsense at times. Check it out if you have had a gut full of the usual Red Pill Outrage or you are tired of being told that you suck by other guys, or that you should just eat properly and lift goddammit.

“Call Her Daddy” Podcast.

Who knows? You might be able to get out of your own heads, crack a smile and fucking laugh for an hour.

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