Lust, Sex, And Corona

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, women have been staying in their homes, which isn’t too surprising as the majority of women are risk assessors and tend to follow the herd. Since the bars closed down in mid-February, meeting eligible and willing women became, let’s say, a helluva task.

So I had to resort to Online Dating yet again. Ah yes, online dating. You love to hate it. Red Pill Dad on Twitter got me to see the light and get off it, and yet, here I am, back on it, like a junkie relapsing.

February, March, April, and May were all busts. Completely. Not a lot of matches and the ones that did match were bored and scared. I couldn’t get one of them, not ONE, to come out of the house and meet me face to face.

You see, when it comes to the idea of Game, I look at it as nothing more than getting a woman to show up to have sex. Game is about getting laid. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m sure different guys will have different opinions about what Game is or isn’t, but to me, that’s the literal definition of Game.

Getting women to give you their phone number is great, but it’s only first step in ultimately getting to sex. Texting with them and even calling them and talking with them is just more steps to getting them out of the house and into your bed.

Here’s how I do my version of online dating:

I start off by “carpet bombing” a lot of women. I “like” or “swipe right” on a lot of different girls. I don’t generally bother reading their profiles because, let’s be honest, the majority of them are cut and paste and are pretty much all the same. I look at their pictures and if I like what I see, I swipe right. Then I move right on to the next profile and I’ll do this until I either run out of options or I get busy or bored, whichever comes first.

Then I’ll see what shows up.

Once I get a match, then I’ll actually take the time to read their profiles and see what I can gather from it. I look at the usual suspects: Age, height, weight, location, kids, and so forth. From there I’ll craft my intro text. I tend to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. I also try and inject some humor into it.

For me, whenever a woman shows any interest in me, “it’s on.” I start to banter, flirt, joke, and gently tease. I tend to not do “hard negs” because 99 out of 100 women are walking bundles of insecurity and I don’t need to add to that. I tend to look for things where I can bust on her co-workers or her roommates, or her boss, or maybe some of her friends. I try and create an atmosphere of “us against them.”

If she “shit-tests” I either ignore it completely as if she didn’t say anything, or I’ll “agree and amplify” it.

My whole goal during these interactions is to get her out of the house and in front of me, face to face. My mindset is that I’m an awesome Man and once she meets me she’ll want to be with me. If I can get her out of the house and in front of me, she’s mine.

Texting on the dating apps is fine for a moment, but the sooner I can get her phone number, the better. I don’t waste my time with getting her IG account or any of that nonsense. A woman who gives you her IG instead of her phone number isn’t interested in you other than you becoming an orbiter on her social media. Move on.

Sometimes I’ll ask for her number, sometimes I give her mine first, and sometimes they’ll give me theirs unsolicited. Different guys will have different takes about this, but I honestly think you should do whatever feels natural and whatever works in that moment with that particular woman.

Here’s a screenshot from a recent example:

Screenshot_20200720-160444_LI (2)

This woman and I matched on a Sunday evening and we started bantering and she ended up giving me her phone number unsolicited.

I texted her in the morning and we bantered briefly and by Monday as I was leaving work, I decided to call her, which for me, is the next step to getting her out of the house. We ended up talking for three hours. Not what I had initially planned, but sometimes you have to adapt and improvise and roll with it. She all but asked me to come to her house. Being that it was Monday evening and I was wiped out from work, I declined at that time and set up a date for the upcoming Thursday night.

While I was talking to texting with her, I had also matched with my Goth girl that I mentioned that I wanted to meet in a prior post.

Here are some screenshots of her and I texting one another:


Notice the “shit-test.” How do you think I handled it? Here’s how:


Not very creative, I know. The point is though, if my age is going to be an issue, it’s either going to be an issue now or later. I would rather it be now than later and not waste any more of my or her time.

Here’s what she said:


As I said in the screenshot, I knew she was 28. Obviously me being 48 wasn’t an issue for her either. She had more to say though:


So now she’s qualifying herself to me.

I matched up with Goth Girl a couple of days before the other woman and I was conversing with both of them at the same time. I had gotten their phone numbers and I had talked to both of them on the phone. Remember what I said earlier:

My goal is to get them out of the house and meet me face to face. If I can get them to meet me face to face, she’s mine.

I had made a date to meet Goth Girl on Tuesday and the other woman on Thursday. Not too shabby. Except on Monday, Goth Girl cancelled and I knew that she would. You do this stuff long enough, and you start to see patterns and when certain things like flaking or cancelling become predictable.

When Goth Girl cancelled, I turned right around and texted the other woman to see if she was available for Tuesday night. Turns out she was. Turns out she came over after work and spent the night with me. She did this all without meeting me face to face and only seeing a handful of photos and hearing my voice on the phone.

I say this not to brag, but to show you what is possible. Can a woman meet you at your own place and climb into your bed without actually meeting you somewhere else beforehand? Absolutely. Was it because I was running tight fucking game or was it because I was the “right guy at the right place at the right time?”

Don’t care. Got laid.

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