Why You Shouldn’t Care About “Karen.”


Lots of guys on the internet worrying about “Karen.” Why? Why do you care about what “Karen” does or doesn’t do? Karen is gonna Karen. Unless you married Karen, or are in a relationship with Karen, or thinking about marrying or being in a relationship with Karen, why do you care about Karen?

While we are talking about Karen, why are you so concerned with Murder Hornets? Remember Africanized bees from a few years ago? No? Yeah, no one else remembers them either, but apparently they were going to be the new scourge of the world and kill off all the honey bees and anyone else who got too close to them. The world didn’t come to an end then, and it isn’t going to come to an end with the Murder Hornets either.

I see so many guys “unplugging from the Matrix and taking the Red Pill,” finally starting to understand women’s behavior and whatnot, and while they are getting out of the Matrix, they are still stuck in the Web.

The Web of not only Mainstream Media, but also Social Media.

That article about Karen doing Karen stuff? Where did you see it? Who shared it with you? Why are you sharing it with me? Why do you think I care? Social media “news” is seldom newsworthy. It’s definitely not worth my time or attention, but why is it worth yours? Who is curating your news for you? What are you getting out of it?

Why are you choosing outrage over something else?

While everybody is “Karening” Karen, and thinking that the food supply is going to dry up because of hornets, and worrying about lines on photos, because guys are leaning in, I’ve been doing other things.

For one, I figured out how to get my microphone to sound like a high dollar professional microphone for free. I can not only record videos with great sound, I can live stream with great sound as well.

I’ve also figured out some cool edits that are really easy to do and they add a little more interest to my videos. They don’t take much time either, only a few seconds to do.

I’m also reading a couple of really good books, and while I’m at it, I’m having conversations with people that have nothing to do with Karen, COVID, or Murder Hornets. I’m even talking about lighting arrangements with a couple of guys.

Karen, COVID-19, leaning in, and Murder Hornets. This is what the internet has become. What a waste of time. Guys unplugging and yet still sucking down the outrage like it’s going out of style. I guess you guys can’t let go of your mental masturbation.

What do you get from it? A dopamine hit? Do you feel like you’ve done something useful or productive with your time? Are you looking for “brownie points?”

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it yet again:

Vote With Your Attention, Vote With Your Wallet.

When you click on that link and read that article that Karen wrote, what are you doing? You’re doing exactly what she wants you to do. You’re giving her attention. Same with the YouTube videos about her. Why are you giving any of it a moment of your time? Is your life really that good (or dull) that you have nothing else to do?

Who cares what Karen does? Who cares what she thinks? Same with Murder Hornets. What are you going to do about them? Start carrying cans of RAID around and nuke every flying insect you see? Why are you reading and watching stuff that tells you what to be afraid of? Why are you reading and/or watching stuff that tells you what to be outraged about?

You don’t watch Mainstream Media anymore right? Haven’t done it for years? And yet your reading, sharing, retweeting, and commenting on things that are even more absurd and trivial than what the Mainstream Media is showing these days.

When you have to talk about Karen, guess what that makes you? A Karen.

You’ve “unplugged” right? Now get out of the Web of Social and Mainstream Media. Decide what is actually worth your time and energy. Outrage isn’t it.

Those links to articles and videos that you want to share with me? I’ve already seen them. I saw them over two years ago. Nothing has changed. Do me a favor and don’t share them with me, because I don’t care.

Get out of the Web of Outrage and do something more creative and productive with your time. Or stay stuck in it and burn. Either way I don’t care. Just don’t share that nonsense with me. I’m done with it.

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