Week Two Of The “Quarantine.”

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Week two of the quarantine is fully underway for my area. More businesses have shuttered their doors to ride out the virus. Less work to be done, which means the less demand for employees.

On a bright note, traffic and parking are still a dream. Even “rush hour” doesn’t have as heavy of traffic as it usually does. Getting home from work isn’t quite the chore that it was two weeks ago.

Part of me hopes that when this is all over, when the bug has come and gone, or we get immunity to it one way or another, that we will have changed. Changed in the sense that maybe society will wake up and realize that many jobs can be done from home and that the employees press that issue with their employer, thereby minimizing traffic and parking. Maybe the same could be said for schools as well. Maybe we don’t need so many buildings if the kids can all be homeschooled, or taught remotely.

But if things keep going the way they are going, I highly doubt it. Leaders from local up to the federal level have been talking about implementing martial law. Martial law shouldn’t even be an option. There shouldn’t even be a conversation about it, especially right now, at the beginning.

Yet here we are, leaders are throwing it around and the worst part is that there is a significant portion of the population that are not only embracing the idea of martial law, they are practically begging for it.

You realize that if martial law is implemented, you lose all of your civil liberties right? Do you really think that the powers that be, if given absolute power, would willingly give it back when it is no longer necessary? Hint: They won’t. They will always find a reason or a situation to keep it going. Even if that reason is, “Fuck you, I’m not giving it back.”

I’ve always been skeptical and even quite a bit cynical about society as a whole, but I’ve always wanted and tried to remain optimistic about it. These last two weeks have really opened my eyes. It’s only two weeks in, the “hard times” haven’t even begun yet. We’re not even into the first “inning.” This is only the “warm up,” a preview.

If we have people begging for martial law now, and we haven’t even begun to face hard times yet, what’s it going to be like in another two weeks or a month or more?

Socialism isn’t winning, it has won. So let’s not sugarcoat it and call it the fluffy word of  socialism. Let’s call it what it really is. It’s communism. That’s where we are going. And if we had had a democrat for a president, we would already be there by now.

We get what we deserve. As a society at large, it’s what we want apparently. So let’s bring on martial law so that “Big Daddy Government” can save us all from a bug and from ourselves. As a society we are proving that we can’t cut it without “adult supervision,” without our fucking hands being held.

There’s never been a time in my life until now that I truly despised society as a whole and I truly want to see it all burn. But here we are.

If we end up with martial law, we truly get what we deserve.

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2 thoughts on “Week Two Of The “Quarantine.”

  1. Can almost guarantee the people calling for giving up their freedoms to stay are the biggest offenders who advocate open boarders, diversity, living in big cities, traveling abroad to 3rd world countries.

    I have been practicing social distancing all my life.

    Good article.

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