The Race To Being Relevant

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It’s a “race” to keep making content. Whether I’m writing here on my blog, making YouTube videos, being a guest on the various shows that I’m on, or uploading something to my audio podcast, it seems like it’s an on-going, never ending process.

You put something up and you hope it “sticks.” No likes, no retweets, no shares, no comments? It’s dead in the water for whatever reason. This never stops and it never ends. Social media, blogs, and maybe the whole of the internet itself is designed this way.

All new content is at the top, pushing older content down the list. Look at news articles. Look at videos on YouTube. I can even look at my own blog posts and see it. Twitter, Facebook, it doesn’t matter, it’s all run the same way.

You want to stay in someone’s time line? You have to keep producing. “Tweet or die,” is how I’ve heard it said. You want your blog to get more views and more traffic, you better be posting on a regular basis, and not just daily either. Think more like hourly. Nevermind learning search engine optimization, key words, and other assorted hashtags.

There are people on YouTube that put out well edited videos several times a day. I’m not sure how they are doing that. All I can imagine is that they have multiple people working on multiple things and that they have a “system” of sorts, or a template that they use. If it is only a “one man operation” all I can imagine is that the person doesn’t have a day job, and doesn’t really have a life outside of content creation.

I can’t do that. While I enjoy content creation, there are only so many hours in the day, and I have only so much energy to devote to it. Life itself comes first.

Every day that I get on the internet and create some form of content I learn something new. Whether it’s how to do a “L cut” edit or add in B roll footage, or it’s just the fact that “Hey! While I was cranking out 2 minute videos, I gained a handful of followers.”

My views on this blog have gone up over time since last year. Part of it I like to think, is that I’m putting out “better” content than I have in the past. Or maybe it’s more relatable or relevant. I don’t know for sure on that one, just a guess and it’s me fluffing myself a little bit. I also know that I’m writing more frequently than I did when I first started out.

In the very beginning, I did 4 posts for that entire year. In 2019, I wrote at least two posts per week at a minimum. This year is shaping up to go the same direction. So far it’s been two posts per week.

Why not more? Why not daily? Why not multiple times a day? I don’t have the time or the energy for that level of work and I want my material to be somewhat decent. I guess I could go on and type up 20 words, throw a couple of random pictures in there somewhere and hit send, but would it really be all that good? Probably not. I know when I go to read or look at something, I don’t want to waste my time on shit that isn’t relevant to me.

There are guys that are “Professional Tweeters” on Twitter. They have large followings, like hundreds of thousands of people, or more. I’m sure that some of them have people doing their tweets for them, and I’m sure there are some that do it all by themselves. Can you imagine sitting around all day, loading automation software with tweets so that you are constantly bombarding the time line? I imagine that for some of these people it can be very lucrative, but I guarantee you it’s cutthroat competitive as well.

There are guys who have figured out “the system” when it comes to Twitter and they have literally written books and designed courses on it. One of the things that they recommend is that you use statements that “polarize.” Think of something like:

“Abortion should be made illegal.” Or, “No one should be able to own a firearm.”

You’re going to get a lot of engagement with something like those two statements, whether you tend to agree with your own statement or not.

It’s funny to me watching some of these guys taking the idea of a polarizing statement and going full retard with it.

“If you watch movies you’re a fucking dweeb.”

“People that have LinkedIn profiles are fucking stupid.”

“I only bang 9’s and 10’s.”

I laugh when I see these guys go full stupid doing this. I realize that they are trying to polarize and get engagement and I’m pretty sure they all bought so-and-so’s book on getting engagement and followers on Twitter. But they missed the point.

The point is to say something that is polarizing, not something stupid.

Stupidity as polarization will get you muted at best and blocked at worst, plus you won’t get any engagement, at least from me. Say stupid shit once, okay, fine. Say it twice? That’s a mute from me. It still somehow keeps showing up in my feed after that? Block. I don’t have time for that idiocy. The best part is that some of these guys are trying to create a brand for themselves and sell something. Guess what dumbass? No sales for you. At least not from me. You just lost a customer. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one either. How’s that working out for ya bud?

In the race for relevancy, quantity trumps quality. You want to stay on the top of the feed you better be churning it out and producing.

I would rather stick with quality myself. Maybe I won’t build an audience as quickly, but then again the audience that shows up for me tends to stick around for the most part. Thank you to those of you who have, you know who you are. Then again, it’s never been a popularity contest for me when it comes to my content. I create it primarily for me and then share it with you and if you get something from it, that’s a bonus.

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