The State Of Men Today: An Observation

man in the middle of the road

I was at a convenience store the other day, buying some fuel for the work truck (the fuel card reader at the pump was down so I had to go inside to pay) and I noticed that the majority of the people who were patronizing the store were men.

This was the first time I’ve stepped into a convenience store in some time and I was saddened by what I saw. The men in this store, and there was about 20 or so of them, were utterly lost.

They had this vacancy in their eyes. Now maybe part of it was the fact that it was 7:30 in the morning. Maybe these guys hadn’t had their morning coffee yet. I doubt it though. They seemed “awake” enough. They could pay for their coffee, their breakfast whatever, their smokes, and their fuel.

They were utterly lost. They looked it. Lifeless eyes. Confused. Like they didn’t know what they were doing there, or how they had gotten there.

I’ve noticed this same confusion and vacancy elsewhere too. I’ve seen it while out on route, all throughout the day. Guys just sort of shuffling around, wandering, waiting. Waiting for what though?

In some cases, some of these guys were waiting for their women to tell them what to do. I saw that as well. Women running the show. Women leading the men around. Women catering to these men like they were either small children or invalids. Guys who have these confused looks on their faces, their eyes dull. “Dance for me puppet, dance. Be a good little boy and you’ll get a new toy.”

Until their women compliment them or “give them a treat.” Then the guy’s face gets animated, his eyes light up. He seems somewhat alive, for a moment at least.

I saw a guy today in a woman’s care facility holding the baby and the baby carrier, being a good boy. He still looked lost. His smile didn’t mask his confusion, “How the fuck did I get here?”

And not just how did he get “here,” as in the facility, but how did he get “here,” as in his life?

How did they get like this? I’m pondering this as I write about it. How indeed did “we” get here, as a group?

What happened?

This is the “matrix” that we all allude to when we talk about the Red Pill. This is the world we inhabit, but don’t necessarily live in.

What a sad state of affairs. What a state that we as a whole, live in.

I pity these guys somewhat. Maybe I sound like an asshole when I say that, but I do. I do pity them. I’m not trying to sound holier than thou, believe me.

I do feel some compassion for them as well. Unplugging is hard to do and is near impossible until you are ready and willing to do it.

Most of these men are not only lost souls, but they are truly lost, at least until the time comes, if the time comes, that they want to unplug.

It seems to me that years ago, we as men were lost, just the same as today, but there is a difference that I’m noticing now. “Back in the day,” men were lost, but many of them seemed genuinely happy in their lost state. Full of ignorant bliss I guess.

Nowadays, more often than not, that blissful ignorance is gone. It’s like they know something is wrong, dreadfully wrong, but they don’t know just what it is. Something is off. You can see it in their eyes and in their faces. The happiness is gone and all that is left is confusion, sadness, a questioning glance here and there, and a look of terror.

Lost Boys indeed.

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