When You Want For Nothing…

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It’s damn near impossible to sell something to you.

I made a tweet a couple of days ago, saying “If by saving the west, you mean: semen retention, sunning your asshole, ‘don’t lean in bro!’ and what is or isn’t alfa, I’d rather let the fucker burn.” I got the reply above.

“What if saving the West just involves being a good man, husband, and father?”

That’s great if that is what you want, but why should I be on board with that?

What is in it for me?

I’ll be the first one to admit: I’m not a “team player.” Actually, I take that back. I am a team player, I play for team ME.

Monogamy and children and being a husband aren’t for me, so what else do you have? Your religion, whatever flavor it is, doesn’t interest me, so again I ask, what do you have?

What do you have that would be of interest to me?

As a side note: notice the use of the words, “good man.” Being a “good man” is a moralistic definition. I guarantee you that your definition of being a “good man” is going to be different from mine. So who is “right?” You are, of course. At least to you. But not to me. For me, I am right.

To quote Jack Donovan:

There’s being a good man, and there’s being good at being a man.

One is defined by morality and the other is defined by action and capability. If you don’t have capability and the ability to take action, being a good man becomes a moot point. A man that is capable and is willing to use violence may not be a “good man,” but he’s good at being a man. I’ll take him as an ally over a good man any day of the week.

Which brings me back to where I started:

What’s in it for me? You have your cause, you have your beliefs, you have whatever it is that you want me to sign up for, to buy, to get on board with. But what is in it for me? If you can figure that one out, you’ll have an interested buyer and possibly a great ally in me. Until you figure that one out though, go pound sand.

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“Your duty as a man…” Dude, go fuck off.

You don’t get to decide what my “duty” is. Go fuck yourself. My “duty” is to me and mine and that is it. Period. Full stop. Struggle, pain, honor. Nice container words that are absolute nonsense and bullshit. What’s in it for me to consider anything that you are flapping your gums about? What do I get out of it?

Struggle? Pain? Fucking “honor?” Coming out the “other side as a better man?” Like I’ve said before: Nobody gives a shit about your struggles. Nobody gives a shit about your pain. And what is a “better man?” I’m sure you have your own convenient definition that will have absolutely nothing to do with my own definition of what is “better.”

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Here’s the truth about your “honor”:

“Stand in the ASHES of a TRILLION dead SOULS and ASK the ghosts if HONOR MATTERS. Their SILENCE is your ANSWER.”

Brilliant. Brilliant because it is true. Nobody gives a shit about “honor” but you. The only time “honor” matters is when it gets you what you want.

None of my ancestors, deceased friends or family have come back from the grave to talk to me about honor, virtue, or anything for that matter. They haven’t come back because they are dead. The dead don’t care about the affairs of the living. The dead don’t care about anything and that’s because they are dead. Sell your shame and after-life fantasies to someone else, I’m not interested in them.

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How about thinking for yourselves for once in your life? Instead of asking what to think, how about figuring out how to think? One thing I’ve noticed over time is that guys with the least amount of experience in whatever topic it is, are the one’s that are most likely going to tell you what to think about it. Instead of encouraging you to learn how to think for yourselves, they are going to teach you what to think instead. Of course, what they are going to teach you to think benefits them.

But what’s in it for me? How does them telling me what to think benefit me?

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Here’s a hard lesson to swallow:

Most guys don’t want to think for themselves, they don’t want to think at all. They want to be told what to think and be told what to do. Like a good little follower. Like good little sheep. Like cannon fodder. Most guys aren’t looking to lead, they are looking to be lead. Like Rian says in the above tweet, “You want a shepherd, not a family.”

Most guys are looking for their mother’s in their girlfriends and in their wives. Most guys are looking for their father’s in either some random asshole on the internet, or in the idea of some higher being known as “god.” You are the only “god” that exists. Figure out your own rules and live by them.

Figure out how to think instead of looking for someone else to tell you what to think. When you figure this one out, you’ll see that most everything else, especially on social media is set against you. It’s geared to get you to not think. It’s geared to get you emotional and to get you to buy. Or to get you on board with whatever the latest “cause” is.

Think about that the next time some outfit selling razors shits on men. Think about that the next time some outrage over children dancing seductively on camera comes up. Think about that with anything that deals in politics. It’s all designed to get you to not think. It’s designed to get you to what to think, instead of how to think.

As for me, I want for nothing. I’m happy with my life. I’m good where I am and with what I’m doing. I’m good with the state of affairs when it comes to men and women. I don’t have a problem with dating and having sex. It’s easier now for me than when I was in my 20’s. I don’t have a problem with longer term relationships either, they are easier now for me than when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

My struggles are minimal and nobody except me, cares about them anyway. Why would I possibly want to change any of it? What’s in it for me?

I know the things that I do want, and for you reading this, I’m not going to hand them to you on a silver platter. Figure it out. Do the work. You’ll get a loyal friend, ally, lover, buyer, customer, whatever it is that you want, if you do.

Until then, what’s in it for me? You don’t know what that is? Go pound sand. I’m not interested.

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Random Assholes On The Internet

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What started out as a post on the Masculine Geek newsletter turned into a post here. I’ve fleshed it out a little bit more here, but you should go and sign up for the newsletter there if you haven’t. You’re missing out if you don’t.

Okay guys, this is a little “tongue-in-cheek,” but then again, not really.

I’m sitting here listening to a guy talk about the coronavirus while I’m typing this, wondering what the deal is with the coronavirus. Is it a big deal? Is it a “natural phenomenon?” Is it a biological weapon that got loose? I wonder if we will ever know, and does it really even matter?

Point is, the guy I’m listening to right now, I know nothing about this guy. He’s a random asshole on the internet. He mentioned his credentials, but are they real? Do they even matter? (In this particular circumstance, I would say that his credentials DO in fact matter.) Credentials can be manufactured, see “diploma mill.” Credentials can be made up with nothing but an imagination and a half decent printer, and that’s if you want to print something out and hang it on the wall. Otherwise you can keep it as a handy PDF to distribute as needed.

Most people, and I’ve been guilty of this myself, are lazy. They don’t take the time to do the research to find out if a set of credentials are in fact, legitimate. 

We live in a day and age of information overload. It’s not that there isn’t enough information available, it’s that we have too much information available. We are literally swamped with information and not all of it is accurate or even true. The internet is awesome make no doubt, but it is a double-edged sword as well. While it’s easier now than ever to “reach out and touch someone,” you need to keep in mind who some of those “someone’s” are.

I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to people on the internet, and that is, they are all “random asshole’s on the internet.” Until I meet them, preferably face-to-face, but at a bare minimum, a video call/conference, whatever you want to call it, is what is in order for me to move them from “random asshole” to something above and beyond “random asshole.”

I’ve met Vince, TJ, and Aaron face to face as well as several other guys. They aren’t random assholes. They may still be assholes, but they aren’t random anymore. They are guys who walk the walk and talk the talk. When they say something I tend to listen to them and give what they say some weight. That’s because I’ve actually gotten to know them. You should strive to do the same thing.

Even with me.

Right now, if I haven’t met you in some form, I’m just a random asshole on the internet running my mouth. I could be completely full of shit and have no idea what I’m talking about, and it would be to your detriment to take what I say and run with it.

Keep this in mind when you are dealing with anyone, especially on the internet. You don’t know them from a hole in the ground and whatever they are saying and/or selling could be complete garbage that will end up only hurting you. It’s okay to be skeptical, in fact, I consider a healthy dose of skepticism to be normal and healthy. Too many people today are far too willing and eager to jump on somebody’s bandwagon simply because that person either looked good, or they liked what they had to say.

Another thing to keep in mind:


You see it all the time. Guys who are constantly posting on social media, whether it’s because that’s how they earn their living, or because they are attention seeking whores, or simply because they are bored and have nothing better to do with their lives. You see them spouting off all the time. That doesn’t mean that they know what they are talking about. However, you get comfortable seeing them running their mouths. You get used to them, they become a part of the background of your daily routine. And then they say or do something that grabs your attention. Maybe you liked what they said or did. Next thing you know, you’re buying their program and repeating their mantras and you became one of their biggest fans.

That’s all well and good if what you are getting from them is good for you and you are getting value out of it. But then again, maybe it’s not good for you, but you are too close to it to see it. You can’t see the forest because of all the trees. You’ve become too invested.

While familiarity can breed contempt, it can also breed comfort. Many affairs start out in the workplace simply because of proximity, common goals, and familiarity. There’s a certain level of comfort there and arousal can be generated from it.

The guy spouting off all the time on the internet can be creating that sense of comfort and familiarity as well. Maybe it’s intentional, maybe not, but you need to be aware of it and keep it in mind when dealing with them.

It’s easy to want to take short-cuts in our thinking. We do it all the time. In fact, if we had to critically think about every single thing that we want to do, we would either end up completely exhausted from just getting out of bed and using the bathroom in the morning, or we would probably end up going crazy. It’s easy to listen to someone that actually knows what they are talking about because they have proven it time and time again. Nothing wrong with that.

It’s also easy to take that short-cut and hand it off to some random person on the internet simply because they are saying what we want to hear or because they dress a certain way, or because we consider them attractive. Or because they remind us of someone that we like and trust. These are the times that we really need to slow down and use our critical thinking skills and say to ourselves, “Hey, this is just some random asshole on the internet. Maybe I need to look into this some more before going all in.”

Better that way than learning the lesson the hard way.

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There is no future, there is no past. There is only the present.

Yes I’m ripping off the movie with the same title to use as my title. It’s apt. Deal with it.

Guy goes online and talks about how marriage and kids are better than a high notch count. Same guy has a low notch count. Another guy goes online and talks about meeting an overweight woman and helping her to lose the weight, “she will be grateful.” Same guy has an overweight wife.

Both guys are fairly young, late 20’s to early 30’s if I’m correct. Both guys lack major experience. Both guys are running their mouths on the internet as if they are some sort of “authority.”

I understand that age doesn’t necessarily make or give you authority, but experience or in this case, the lack of it, does. Both guys lack experience, and yet they are lauded for it. Retweets and likes aplenty.

Welcome to Idiocracy.

When guys with little to no experience are hailed as guru’s and authorities, and guys with actual experience are either ignored or they are shouted down, you are in an idiocracy.

Want to preach the “evil’s” of a high notch count? Fine. But your notch count had better be higher than my own if I’m going to take you seriously.

Want to talk about taking a fat girl, getting her to work out and get her thin, and she’ll be “grateful” to you? Yeah, I’ve been a witness to this one personally, firsthand:

Back in 1995, I met a woman who pushed all of my attraction buttons. Height, weight, hair length, hair color, personality, she pretty much had it all. She had it going on so much, I even broke my rule of dating co-workers. I dated her and she was a co-worker. She’s also the reason that I created my own rule of not dating co-workers.

This woman had told me she had a sister, and one day we were hanging out at her house. I noticed a picture hanging on the wall. I asked her, “Is that your sister?” The picture was of a woman with brunette hair and the girl was damn near morbidly obese. My girl was blonde and thin.

“No, that’s me from a couple of years ago.”

Wait, what?

Yeah, my girl was the same girl in that picture. She had gastric bypass surgery a couple of years before. She had also had a fiance back in the day as well. When she started losing weight, she gained a lot of attention from men. Men that normally would have ignored her when she was fat. She went from invisible to being visible, and she went wild. She not only lost weight, but she ditched the fiance and started riding the carousel. I’m not criticizing her for doing it. Hell, I was a beneficiary of it. I also understand where she’s coming from. When I was younger, I was overweight and all but invisible to women. When I lost that weight and became visible, I went “hog wild” with it.

I’m getting a little off tangent here. The point I’m trying to make is that most women aren’t going to be “grateful” to a guy who helps them lose weight, they are going to ditch that guy and “trade up.” I don’t fault them for this, it’s just what happens. Does this happen all the time, every time? Of course not. I’m positive there are exceptions to the rule. My point is, do you want to risk your future happiness, your family, and your wealth on it?

Taking this guy’s advice would be a terrible idea in my opinion. He lacks experience. But hey, it’s your life, and like I always say, you get to burn.

I’m not sure which is worse, the idiot spouting his mouth off on the internet, or the followers who like and retweet the guy’s nonsense. Welcome to idiocracy.

I can understand why a lot of younger people are giving backlash to “the boomers.” Much of the world we live in and the state of affairs can be laid at the boomers feet. Also, a lot of boomer advice is outdated in today’s modern world. All I have to do is look to my own Father and his dating “advice” to see that. At the same time, don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Otherwise you end up listening to people who sorely lack experience and you become the idiot.

Be careful who you listen to, in all areas of life, not just online. Be extra careful of the guys that you follow online though. Pictures, stories, even whole lives are crafted and faked. It’s easy as hell to do it. Everyone lies. Everyone deceives, even if it’s just self deception, which is the worst. Everyone is just some random asshole on the internet. Question everything they say. It’s taxing and it’s tiresome, I get it. But you need to do it. You need to look for experience over fluff and fanfare. Realize that what they are promoting is in fact, their agenda. It may work for them, but does it work for you? Realize that they have interests, but are their interests in your best interest? I would be surprised if they are. Cynical, I know. But that comes from experience.

Think for yourself. Then act. Put it into motion. Put it into play. Test it out for yourself. See what happens. That’s how you get experience. Or you can listen and follow the latest random asshole on the internet. You can like, retweet, and regurgitate his latest nonsense. You can be an idiot following another idiot. You can complete that circle.

Welcome to Idiocracy.

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