Your Voice

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Use Your Voice.

I wrote briefly about talking with a few of my fellow Men in my last post, and I intend to do that again. I’m forging bonds that hopefully will go the rest of my life. It’s good for Men to connect with like-minded Men.

While I was talking with these Men, we were “swapping notes,” so to speak. We were sharing stories and experiences. In this day and age of “Fempowerment,” “You go Girl!” and “Believe Her,” I think it is so important that Men speak up and speak out.

I believe that Men need to have their voices heard. For far too long we Men have been sitting back, biting our tongues, just “going along to get along.” We need to use our voices in opposition to the lies that are being spread to our fellow Men. Our brothers, our nephews, our sons, and our fathers.

We need to use our voices and our presences to let other Men know that they are not alone in the Dark. We are out here. We are broadcasting a signal for those who are seeking truths instead of the bullshit that is being propagated by the mainstream media.

We need to let other Men know that they aren’t crazy and delusional. We have some same shared experiences that we have witnessed with our own eyes.

I encouraged those men that I talked to to use their voices if they haven’t already. I encouraged them to speak their truths and their experiences. I encouraged them to add to the signal that is already being broadcast, to add to it and strengthen it. To add more beacons of light into that great sea of darkness.

I encourage you, the Man that is reading my words right now to do the same.

Start a blog.

Start a YouTube channel.

Get on Twitter and start speaking your experiences.

Create a podcast and bring on other like-minded Men and have a “roundtable” about your experiences. Compare your notes with one another. Speak your truths.

Push back against the lies you’ve been brainwashed to believe since you were a little boy. Let others know that it’s okay to be a masculine Man. Let them know that feminism is a lie.

Start making your voice heard. Scream into the Void. Sooner or later, and from my experience, sooner rather than later, someone will find you, they will tune into your frequency, your signal, and a connection will be made.

We are throwing lifelines out into the Dark. Someone is bound to grab on and pull themselves in.

Get in touch with me. Let’s make something happen. Let’s throw out a lifeline or two. Maybe we will save a life.

Sharpen Your Mind. Weaponize It. Start here and here. Sign up for my newsletter.

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