In Perpetuity

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In perpetuity: endless or indefinitely long duration or existence; eternity. i.e., forever.

One of my patrons reached out to me on Patreon the other day with a link.

It states that: “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

My patron asked me:

“How are you preparing to [deal with] google [and] of you tube terms and conditions 10 december?”
The short answer I have right now is this.
I’m slowly loading videos from YouTube to there as a sort of alternative or backup. The question remains, what do I do about my live streams? And what do I do in the “long run?”
There are no easy answers to this question. Shortest answer to that is that I do nothing. I’m a writer (according to Vince) and I’m an entertainer. I run my mouth is what I do. I get people to laugh, sometimes. And sometimes I guess I drop little nuggets and jewels out of my mouth. Don’t ask me how or where they came from, they just do. I guess it’s my observations and my life experiences driving the bus when it happens. My inner idiot must go somewhere else when it happens.
Like I’ve seen said somewhere before, “Whatever drunk me did, take it up with drunk me. Sober me wasn’t a part of the shenanigans.” Or something like that. Nugget dropping Rob is his own dude. Shit talking Rob is usually at the helm.
Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. Me backing my shit up to another service in the event that YouTube and/or Google decides to pull the plug on me.
I could back it up to a whole bunch of places I’m sure. I could even host it on my own computer and set up a streaming server or something like that I imagine. I’ve heard block-chain whatever it is, could be another alternative.
Guys, I’m not a coder. I don’t have the time, inclination, nor the know-how. I write and I talk shit. I’ve got enough shit to do let alone “learn to code.” There’s only so many hours in the day to do the shit I want to do, and coding ain’t one of them.
So there’s all of these alternatives…The underlying problem, the elephant in the room, remains.
It’s still someone else’s platform.
YouTube, Bitchute, Anchor, Patreon, Soundcloud, even my e-mail list, whatever. It’s still someone else’s platform. They all can pull the trigger for any reason at any time. Maybe it’s advertisers putting pressure, maybe it’s funding. Maybe it’s the guys running it got tired of doing it. It doesn’t matter.
Short of me coding my own shit, or paying someone to do it, and then running it out of my own home, from my own computer, it’s someone else’s platform. Besides that, computers die. All the time. Hard drives die. All the time. External drives die. All the time. Same with flash drives, thumb drives, tape drives, and stick drives. Ask me how I know.
While I would love to have my stuff “out there” forever, odds are it won’t be. I’m just another voice screaming into the void. There are far bigger and better voices that are saying the same things I’m saying, and they are saying it better than I ever could. I’m okay with that. I’m not here for the preservation and archiving of my stuff. That’s on someone else if they so choose to do it. I’m here for the laughs, the beer, and the shit talking.
Any of you guys that guy? A preservationist? An archivist? A “keeper of the records?” Reach out to me, let’s talk, seriously. Until something like that happens, I’m not going to worry about it too much.
When I thought about the “preservation” of my stuff, it got me to thinking about something else as well. Specifically, how long do I plan on doing this stuff? I haven’t really given it any proper thought before. Right now, the short answer is, “I’ll do it for as long as I want or can. Or I’ll do it until I no longer want to do it. Or I’ll do it until I’ve said all I need to say.” So yeah, I’m not going anywhere any time soon.
Do I honestly want to be doing this in say, 20 years? Like Rollo? God bless the Man for what he is doing. I think he’s truly doing God’s work and he’s proven time and time again that it’s about the message, not the messenger. But is that me? No. It’s not. In 20 years, if I happen to live that long, I’ll be almost 68 years old. I’ll be my Dad’s age. I hope to God that I’m doing something else by then. Maybe sitting on a beach sipping Tequila, or having Vince fly me around in a private airplane or something. I honestly hope I’m still not yelling at a computer screen. Why?
Because then I will have failed.
If you guys out there, aren’t getting what you need from me, or my interpretation of the message, then somehow I have failed you. More importantly, YOU have failed you. I can’t sit here and spoon feed this stuff to you for the rest of your lives. At some point, you’re going to have to jump off into the deep end and swim. You’re going to have to join the club. You’re going to have to commit to it too. You will be initiated. Whether you want to be or not. Whether you are ready or not. Your own futures depend on it.
Somebody is going to have to pick up the torch and carry it, just like I’ve been doing. Somebody is going to have to do the work once I’m done and all the other guys who are doing it, now, are done.
Somebody out there is going to have to preserve it. I just know that that particular part isn’t mine, and maybe my take isn’t worth preserving. I’m okay with that. Like I said, I’m just here for the laughs and the occasional take on things. I’m just here to run my mouth.
Whether my take on things stands the test of time or not isn’t my concern. I’m just concerned with saying it. It’s on you guys out there, reading this, watching it, listening to it, to decide if you want to do anything with it and use it or not. And it’ll most likely be up to you if you decide it’s worth preserving for the future or not.
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Labor Day

build builder construction equipment

It’s that time of year again. Most, if not all of the summer vacations are over. The kids are back in school. While summer itself continues on for yet a little while longer, summer for most people is officially over.

It’s Labor Day.

Let’s not only make today about drinking beer, eating hot dogs, and basking in the hot summer sun, let’s take a really quick moment to think about Labor.

It’s Men that have created our society, our civilization. It’s the toil and sweat of Men that have made our dreams so far into reality.

It’s Man’s Labor that has given us our greatest innovations, our greatest technologies.

It’s Men that have advanced us to where we are as a people.

It’ll be Men that put us on Mars and other planets in our universe.

It’ll be Men that solve the mysteries of the depths of our oceans and of our planet itself.

Because that’s what Men do.

We Men are the idealists, the dreamers, the thinkers, the innovators, the romantics, and the problem solvers.

Labor Day to me is a celebration. It’s a celebration of what Men has created and will create in the future. It’s a celebration of where we have come from, where we are today, and where we will be tomorrow.

I give and say my thanks to my fellow Men of the past, the present, and the Men of the future. Here’s to many more to come.

The present is good and the future looks bright.

Cheers to you, my fellow Men.

As a side note:

If you find yourself in jail for doing something that got you there, realize that you’ll be there until tomorrow. The judge is off today celebrating too.


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What Is The Blue Pill?

Macro Image of Two Blue Capsules

There is a lot of talk in the ‘Sphere of what is “Blue Pill,” “Red Pill,” and even “Purple Pill.” Realize that these ideas are simply “place holders,” if you will. They are ways to give a sort of description for a more complex idea or even a thought process.

That being said, “Blue Pill” from what I’ve come to understand it, is the “Disney fairy tale story.” If you just be yourself, the right woman (or Man) will come along. If you just do _____, you’ll meet your soul mate. If you ______, will live happily ever after.

It’s a way to sell pipe dreams and bliss. It is a lie and a narcotic as well.

It’s also something else:

It is Slavery.

Blue Pill ideals and beliefs are slavery. For Men.

It starts at home when a young boy is born and is first given his indoctrination by his mother. She teaches him how to be an “upstanding member of society.” She teaches him to value women and to put women’s needs first. Sometimes the boy’s father will do the same thing. Why not? He was raised this way too.

If the boy is a typical boy, he goes on to public school and gets further indoctrinated. He’s taught that somehow he is less than his female peers. He’s broken. He’s a defective girl. He’s taught that his masculine traits and his masculine energy is “toxic” and bad. In many cases, he gets medicated.

If our young man is a typical young man, he goes on to college where his indoctrination is furthered. He’s taught that gender is a social construct and he’s further taught to “express his feelings” and “get in touch with his feminine side.”

Then he goes out into the world to look for work.

Why? Because by our societies definition, that’s what a Man does. He works. He provides. He is a Provider. His ability to work and obtain a paycheck is a huge part of his worth to women and to society as a whole.

A Man that doesn’t work, or in many cases, only works to provide for himself, isn’t shit. He’s not shit to women, and he’s not shit to other Men.

A woman doesn’t necessarily need to work in many cases. Why not? Because she has a Man, whether a boyfriend, fiance, husband, or father to provide for her.

Women are not conscripted into the military. Women don’t have to sign up for that duty. It’s voluntary for them. It’s a choice. In the U.S., selective service isn’t an option for a young man. He has to sign up.

Donovan Sharpe said it best, “Women are born and Men are Made.” All a woman has to do is have a pleasant demeanor and stay in somewhat reasonable shape, and she will be one of the most desirable women out there. Not so with a Man. He has to prove himself. He has to earn it. It is his burden of performance.

Women are. Men do.

We as Men have been conditioned to bite the bit. We are the mules and pack horses for women. And we do it willingly. Gladly even. For most of us, it’s a fact of life. It is what it is. The best part is that women don’t know how to show gratitude for it. Not the way we as Men would like to see it. It’s not possible. It’s not possible because it’s expected.

Women typically don’t know how to fix a car. That’s what Men are for.

Women typically don’t know how to deal with a power issue in the home. All they know is that the power isn’t working. That’s what a Man is for.

Most women don’t know how to physically defend themselves. Why should they? That’s what Men are for.

Men die earlier than women. Men commit suicide more frequently than women. Men die on the job way more often than women. It’s what we do. It’s expected.

A Man loses his job or he is laid off. A woman may support him. For a short time. In the long run though, it’s not very likely that will stay the case. The end to his relationship with her will have begun. The clock will be ticking.

Not so for a woman.

A Man’s sole purpose in a Blue Pill world is to provide. To be of service. If he doesn’t do this, he is anathema. He is outcast. He is invisible. He is worthless. And he is replaceable.

A woman will go out and find another one who is all too eager to put himself in the harness and go to work and provide for her. He’ll even provide for her offspring that isn’t his. And he’ll be patted on the head and called “A Good Man.” A “Real Man.” She might even fuck him once in awhile. And he’ll be glad to do it. Happy even.

There is happiness in slavery.

Blue Pill ideologies and beliefs aren’t just Disney fantasies and fairy tales. It’s slavery.

While I don’t necessarily agree with it, I can see how and why the MGTOW movement came to be.

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