Cultural Warfare


Make no doubt about it, the cultural war is real and it has gone hot.

Social Justice Warriors (SJW’S) have come out in full force since the election and have taken off the gloves. The “tolerant” left is only tolerant of your point of view if it is the same as theirs. Having a difference of opinion will get you condemned with such two dollar words such as racist, sexist, misogynist, islamophobe, the list goes on.

If you are a moderate, make no mistake, they WILL come after you, if they haven’t already. They can’t be reasoned with, so don’t even try. These “people” don’t know how to reason and have no reason, so stating things like facts and using logic will get you nowhere. In fact, it will be used against you. Trying to state your case with facts and logic will put you on the defense and will be used as ammunition against you. Don’t do them the favor. Don’t help them destroy you.

SJW’S don’t use logic and facts, everything to them is based on their feelings and rhetoric. Keep this in mind. These bullies are so used to pointing and screeching and browbeating their targets down, they are so used to not getting any resistance, that there is their weakness. They have a great offense, but no defense. They call you a racist? Call them one right back. Continue the assault. Call them a racist, sexist pedophile. Nail them to the wall. Show them no mercy because they sure as hell aren’t going to show you any.

It’s time to stop being on the defensive, we’ve done that long enough. It’s time to go on the offensive. Ridicule them. Use rhetoric. Become a troll. Demoralize them. Get them fired from their job. Get them kicked out of school. Become a hard target.

Read the book SJW’S Always Lie from Vox Day. You’ll find out their tactics and what you can do when you come under attack from an SJW. It’s an eye opening read.

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